Review Mediterrano Restaurant Naples

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Review Mediterrano Restaurant Naples…

Mediterrano Restaurant is one of the most unique, enjoyable and delightful dining experiences in Naples.

The food is sensational, the atmosphere is intoxicating and the service is very warm & European.

The menu is authentic and the food is rustic, as you would expect in the Med.

This restaurant is a 5*, not cheap and you must book early as most nights, they’re full at 7pm.

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You’ll love the room inside or sitting on the patio. It’s simply decorated and has obvious nods to its European cuisine.

You’ll fine a mostly Greek flavour throughout the menu with European culinary styles and overtones.

The lamb shank was delicious…

The view from outside is enticing. The atmosphere inside is cosy but elegant.

Unlike most other restaurants I’ve been to in Florida, the servers and managers genuinely seem to care. I truly believe they’d be ashamed if you criticised the food.

Don’t fear, my meal and service was faultless.

You’ll find catch of the day to meat specials as well as house favourites. There is literally something for every taste.

336 13th Ave S Naples, Florida.

Review by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 1st Feb 2018.