Review MINDFREAK LIVE Criss Angel

Review MINDFREAK LIVE Criss Angel….

There’s no question that Criss Angel is THE ultimate rock star of magic.

He’s singlehandedly made this tired and repetitive genre sexy, compelling, exciting and relevant again for 2017 audiences.

His brand new production ‘MINDFREAK LIVE’ at Luxor Las Vegas is not even a year old, but is still being tirelessly tweaked to perfection by this master magician, producer & performer.

Criss’s energy is faultless. His theatrical precision is only to be admired and this show is seamless. Unlike so many, he has crafted an all killer no filler show.



Enjoy an EXCLUSIVE interview and review with Criss Angel:

No-one can compete with the speed in which Angel & his cast magnificently execute every single trick. His grand illusions will blow your mind during this stunning 90 minute spectacular.

The staging, costumes, lighting, audio & video of this state of the art production takes theatre and illusion to the next level. No expense is spared.

This has to be the most decadent and expensive magic show in history.

What is also beautiful is the mix of grand illusion & close up magic mixed with true warmth, sincerity & equal measure of absurd macabre darkness of Marilyn Manson proportions! At times it’s like being immersed in a gothic thriller.

This is simply the greatest magic show in global history.

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Criss Angel is an endlessly fascinating man whose talents reach much further than magic. He’s a businessman, producer, musician & remarkable performer. Put all of that together and you have the ultimate Vegas showman!

Let’s be clear, magic is a game of budget and Angel has millions to perfect his art. This show doesn’t come cheap – the lighting, video screens & set are a show in themselves.

Angel clearly is influenced by the mega-stars of music and understands the power of polished sound & staging.

This show has to be the most complicated magic shows in history on par with any Broadway spectacular.


MINDFREAK LIVE has a hugely talented cast opening with the delicious Penny Wiggins & hysterical Mateo Amieva. Their charm, warmth, chemistry & comic timing is divine throughout.

Criss’s protégé is the gorgeous Chloe Crawford who is not only a stunning assistant but offers one of the most breathtaking sections of show during a millisecond switch that will take your breath away! I defy ANYONE to fault this remarkable illusion.

The finale of the show is the most brilliant, mind-boggling & stunning levitation & illusion I’ve ever seen on a stage. Only Angel could take this bewildering stunt to the next level. It is frankly worth the ticket price alone.


This show has a narrative and flows perfectly with endless variety. Most touching was the segment about his son Johnny Christopher who was diagnosed with cancer 2 years ago.

The most beautiful thing about this show is the diversity from monster magic to close-up. Criss’s coin trick and dove segments are just stunning, proving how dedicated this man is to his craft.

Criss may well be hated by many in magic – and rightly so. He puts most of them to shame.

It seems to me that few in history could compete with Angel’s precision, dedication & obsession to his craft. He ultimately delivers the most beautifully produced & compelling magic show not only in Las Vegas – but the entire world.

This production does contain some adult themes and language.

MINDFREAK LIVE runs Wednesday – Sunday at 7pm & 9.30pm.

Review by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 15th May 2017.