Review Miss-Leading Ladies St James Theatre West End 2015

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Review Miss-Leading Ladies St James Theatre West End 2015…..

Ria Jones and Ceri Dupree are a sensational sibling double act who celebrate the best grand dames of stage and screen in their new production ‘Miss-leading Ladies’.

This hysterical, moving, remarkable 5* cabaret is the must see show this August at the St James Theatre.

It is truly the best value, most captivating show of its type in many years! It was born to play in New York or even Las Vegas.

From Ethel Merman to Doris Day, Marlene Dietrich to Danny La Rue – Ceri & Ria affectionately celebrate their genius (and eccentricities).

I’ve made no secret of my admiration of Ceri Dupree. He’s the best dame in theatrical history (by a mile), a stunningly brilliant stand up comedian and a true master of his craft. He’s dedicated his life to female impersonation and boy has it paid off.

Ria is a remarkable talent. What a voice! This humble girl from south Wales is up there with any leading lady I’ve seen on Broadway or in the West End. Her voice is delicious. Rich, powerful, moving and breath-taking at times.

Between them, these remarkably talented duo lay claim to 60 years of showbiz and demonstrate their effortless genius in this 2 hour showstopper.


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Enjoy an Exclusive life story interview with Ceri Jones:

Ceri is renowned for his incredible costumes. No-one can compare to the glamour of Dupree (or to the £1000’s he invests in these works of art).

His acid tongue will have you rolling in the isles. His attention to detail is phenomenal.

This show has heart and warmth. So rare. It was an absolute joy to watch.

Review Misleading Ladies St James Theatre West End London

Miss-leading ladies has an elegance, class and glamour completely lost in the Show Business today.

With Ria’s divine tone and Ceri’s stunning stage presence – this is a masterpiece of theatre beautifully crafted and perfectly fitting for the St James (Vegas Showroom feel) Studio.

5*  – Don’t miss this sensational sibling summer stunner!

REVIEW COMING 15th August 2015!