Miss Saigon UK Tour Review 2017

Miss Saigon Tour Review…

Miss Saigon in finally back on tour in 2017. This is a Cameron MacKintosh 5* masterpiece!

This show is untouchable (on every level) compared to any other touring musical currently.

It screams pure class, quality & elegance from the second the curtain rises. It’s as spectacular & as polished as in the West End. The enormous touring cast are are truly remarkable!

The UK tour of Miss Saigon is as devastatingly epic, bold & as brilliant as on Broadway.

We described Miss Saigon at the Prince Edward Theatre as “the best revival in West End history”. The same could be said for this tour. Rarely do the regions get to see this level of pure brilliance.

This new epic (almost cinematic) touring production has not cut any corners on the road. It is as utterly immersive, compelling, lavish, grand and captivating as London and New York.

Miss Saigon is moving, enchanting, magnificent, breath-taking, hysterical and heart-wrenching.

The revival tour, directed by Laurence Connor stars Red Concepcion, Sooha Kim and Ashley Gilmour. A talented lead cast who could not shine more magnificently.

This is without question the UK’s #1 touring musical event of the decade!

Miss Saigon has adult themes and language not suitable for children. Book Tickets HERE!


Here’s our 2017 5* HD Video Review of the UK Tour…

EVERYTHING about this show is faultless….

It’s the ultimate love story delivered with masterful performance, choreography, lighting, sound, staging and direction.

The brilliance of the book & score is a given, however, add in Cameron’s obsessive eye for perfection and you get nearly 3 hours of theatre gold.

The orchestra are HUGE (live) and delicious in texture, tone and delivery. What talent. They’re worth the ticket price alone!

The sound of this hugely complicated production overall is remarkable, although a little ‘arty’ in places, leaving some struggling to hear the quieter nuances.

Originally opened in the West End in 1989, Miss Saigon is written by Alan Boublil and Claude-Michel Schonberg – the masters of their genre.

You leave wondering which one of their two masterpieces (Les Mis or Miss Saigon) is the most heart-breaking, remarkable and breathtaking. It’s a very close call! Certainly Miss Saigon is the most visually brilliant in this current form.

Set in 1975, Miss Saigon tells the story of young bar girl named Kim, orphaned by war, who falls in love with Chris, an American GI – but their lives are torn apart by the fall of Saigon.

This touring production is identical to the West End and Broadway both in standard and visuals.

The Engineer is played by Red Concepcion. He brings a new & unique campery to the role which is delicious. He’s captivating and exciting to watch.

Sooha Kim plays Kim superbly. What an angelic appeal who makes your heart bleed from the second she sings her first divine note. Such natural & effortless talent. She is crushing during her final scene.

Ashley Gilmour is the epitome of Chris. Handsome, warm, charming, moving and his voice is just beautiful. His passion & soul fills the theatre during numbers like ‘Why God Why’.

Zoë Doano plays Ellen perfectly. A glorious voice and the most powerful ‘Maybe’ I’ve ever heard. Meanwhile, Gerald Santos plays a cutting Thuy, Ryan O’Gorman offers a powerful & believable John & Marsha Songcomeas is a sensationally hot and vocally perfect Gigi.

The ‘helicopter scene’ in Act 2 is one of the most beautifully crafted 10 minutes of theatre I’ve ever seen.

On par with ‘Defying Gravity’ & ‘The Circle Of Life’ in magnitude and impact, this is Broadway standard drama & immersive theatre at its absolute best! Sensational.

Don’t miss Miss Saigon on tour across the UK through 2017 / 2018.

You will not see a more moving, emotional, beautiful or bigger/better production in regional theatre this year. Nothing comes even close!

Congratulations to all involved. This is a masterpiece.

Miss Saigon runs at Curve, Leicester from 3 July to 22 July and then the tour continues.

Preview by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 3rd July 2017.