Murray The Magician At Tropicana Las Vegas Interview

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Interview Murray The Magician At Tropicana Las Vegas Interview…

Murray The Magician has finally confirmed he’s signed a new residency deal into 2019 with the Laugh Factory – Tropicana Hotel & Casino Showroom, opening October 3, 2018.

He’ll perform 6 days a week, 7pm Thursday and Saturdays, 5pm Sunday – Wednesday, dark Fridays.

His star has definitely risen since the last time he played there in 2014.

Currently this year Murray is on 3 Network TV shows and is in talks with his own TV show!

We spoke to Murray in his first in-depth & exclusive interview about leaving Planet Hollywood & Caesars Entertainment to return to Tropicana…

Book tickets via the Tropicana box office HERE!


Enjoy an exclusive interview with Alex and Murray via YouTube:

Murray can’t wait to get back on stage at the Laugh Factory as Murray states, “It’s like I am coming back home! I love the Laugh Factory and I love the Tropicana Hotel!”

Lefty will be joining Murray Sawchuck at the LAUGH FACTORY for their new show at Tropicana from October 2018…

Murray will be bringing more comedy, more magic and of course his trusty comic sidekick Douglas ‘Lefty’ Leferovich!

He has performed on more reality shows than any other magician, over 21, most recently on CW’s ‘Fool Us’.

Murray has become a YouTube sensation and has a channel that has had over 1 billion views and growing and has just signed on another year to shoot his 10th season on Pawn Stars as the Magic Expert.

Murray opens at Tropicana next month…

Interview by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 15th Sept 2019.