4* REVIEW Murray At Tropicana Vegas

REVIEW Murray At Tropicana Las Vegas…

Murray The Magician performs nightly at The Laugh Factory – Tropicana Hotel & Casino Showroom at 7pm Thursday and Saturdays, 5pm Sunday – Wednesday, dark Fridays.

Sawchuck has had remarkable TV and more importantly YouTube success in recent years, there’s no doubting he’s a global star! However, Murray offers an intimate magic show purely driven by his comedy and personality.

He’s utterly charming and provides a quality hour of traditional Vegas entertainment. Find out what we thought here…


Enjoy our exclusive HD VIDEO review via YouTube:

His star has definitely risen since the last time he played here in 2014. With over a BILLION hits of YouTube, Murray is now one of the worlds biggest online stars.

Currently this year Murray is on 3 Network TV shows and is in talks for his own TV show too!

Ultimately though he loves to work live and the Laugh Factory is a perfect stage for his act.

Murray’s latest show is the most slinky, polished and commanding that I’ve seen. His look is completely different and he’s gone from a ‘traditional’ magician to being a 2019 stud of slight of hand.

He’s assisted by the fantastically talented Lefty – Doug Leferovich – who assists Murray to provide a beautifully produced hour of classic schtick and tricks. Doug’s card skills are world class.

We spoke to Murray last year for his first in-depth & exclusive interview about leaving Planet Hollywood & Caesars Entertainment to return to Tropicana…


Enjoy an exclusive interview with Alex and Murray via YouTube:

Murray can’t wait to get back on stage at the Laugh Factory as Murray states, “It’s like I am coming back home! I love the Laugh Factory and I love the Tropicana Hotel!”

This room is quite perfect. This is EXACTLY what a comedy club should look like! Perfect.

Murray offers value for money. This is not grand illusion – it’s witty, clever and fast paced slight of hand magic.

Pay attention though! Murray moves at 100mph and he’s a master of word play. There’s literally a gag in every line!

Murray has become a YouTube sensation and has a channel that has had over 1 billion views and growing and has just signed on another year to shoot his 10th season on Pawn Stars as the Magic Expert.

Murray has just hit 1.4 million followers on YouTube – quite extraordinary.

Interview by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 3rd May 2019.