5* REVIEW Nathan Burton Magic Vegas

REVIEW Nathan Burton Comedy Magic Las Vegas….

Nathan Burton has ‘The Best Value Magic Show Las Vegas’ 2019.

Nathan Burton performs in a huge theatre daily @ 4pm at Planet Hollywood Las Vegas in the Miracle Mile @ the Saxe Theatre.

Burton shot to fame on America’s Got Talent proving magic can be exciting, new, creative and relevant in 2019. His speed, delivery and stage presence makes this a joy to watch.

Nathan has incredible warmth and charm on stage. He’s authentic – rare! It was wonderful to see 4 year old children sat next to 80 year old grand parents all seemingly mesmerized by his comedy magic.

There’s no question Nathan offers the biggest scale magic show for the money. You can get tickets for less than $20 if you search wisely – which offers extra-ordinary value and a guaranteed fun afternoon in Vegas.


 Magician Nathan Burton Review & Interview @ Planet Hollywood Las Vegas

Enjoy our exclusive HD Video review via YouTube:

Nathan performs various styles of magic from mind reading to grand illusion.

He’s probably the most relatable and human magician in Vegas. We get to meet his family which was adorable.

The audience participation bits are hugely endearing.

Enjoy an interview with Nathan backstage at The Saxe Theatre:

Overall if you want some fun in the afternoon you cannot fail to be impressed by Nathan Burton and his show. It’s fast paced, high energy, fun, family friendly pure entertainment!

This is without question the best value daytime magic show in Las Vegas.

Here’s Alex & Nathan in 2019:

Nathan isn’t re-inventing the wheel. This is a solid magic show doing grand illusion brilliantly. He totally gets that audiences don’t want to sit around with endless talking.

This is classic Vegas magic done brilliantly. Incredible value for the whole family.

Review by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 12th May 2019.