3* REVIEW Norris & Parker Edinburgh

REVIEW Norris & Parker Edinburgh…

Norris and Parker are the newest brand of sketch comedy. Katie Norris and Sinead Parker offer “Debauched late-night sketch comedy for lovers of the strange, the sordid, the musical and the dark. The witching hour is upon you” in ‘BURN THE WITCH’ at this years Edinburgh Festival.

In reality, it’s mostly low-rent nob and “pussy” gags wrapped up in high energy West End camp.

This show does keep you entertained and is never boring….although I’m not sure this is always for the best/right reasons. At times it verged on vulgar…’Witch’ detracted from some genuine LOL comic / musical surprises.

It’s amazing to me in 2018 that two attractive, young & talented women would choose to profile themselves as a ‘victim’ to explore their sexual habits having been unceremoniously dumped by both of their fellas.

Set in ‘Phallus Ridge’, this Victoria Wood-esk northern satire explores the sexuality of two witches / bitches (their words not mine) via several recurring characters.

There were moments of brilliance where I laughed out loud. Equally the ‘head of music’ was laughably hideous live. I’d seat him in the car park miles from a microphone if I were producing this show. Pitifully appalling, not funny and superfluous and incongruous to the show.

Lets not be hasty though. How could I not love this show? I was picked out from the entire audience mid-show and told that I had “a huge cock” – 5*! I’m happy for the girls to use this star rating as long as they credit my name with penis girth & measurements.

Norris and Parker clearly have a talent for character comedy and look delicious in skin tight cat suits. Little is left to the imagination as they regularly demo most positions throughout the showroom.

Their characters Jean Finger and psychic Gypsy Peg were inspired.

Although they make the point it’s a “man’s world”, I can’t help but feel that if I performed this show I would be laughed out of town and branded a misogynist, sexist & a pervert. This show laughs in the face of #MeToo – “I tried giving him breakfast blowjobs to keep him” – ouch.

Enjoy our HD audio / video review via YouTube:

Norris and Parker are both very fine actors and Norris has a cracking singing voice too, less so Parker (who warbles for comic effect) with musical accompaniment provided by Huge Davies who has given them Les Miz scale ditty’s. Better heard than seen for sure.

In summary – I’ve never heard so many references to ‘cock and balls’ in 60 minutes. For that I award them our 2018 Golden Shower! (they “like those” apparently)!

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Katie Norris and Sinead Parker met on the Acting course at the Manchester Met School of Theatre in 2009. Their chemistry is impressive.

Their friendship was a slow burner, first impressions led to Sinead thinking Katie was a sociopath and had over indulged on the St Tropez and sex. Katie thought Sinead was boring, highly-strung and definitely frigid.

However, upon discovering they shared a birthday (26th February) they had no choice but to organize a joint celebration (for Sinead knew if they had had separate parties no one would have gone to hers) and headed to Manchester’s finest sausage fest, the Comedy Store. Katie howled at the male stand-up’s testosterone fuelled one-liners whilst Sinead sat stony faced like a true feminist sporting an angry cold sore.

Review by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 9th Aug 2018.