Review OPIUM Cosmo Las Vegas

Review OPIUM Cosmo Las Vegas…

The first problem with OPIUM is that no-one at Cosmopolitan has heard of it. We arrived early but ended up late for the show as we were sent to 3 different parts of the casino. Unforgivable.

It turns out you need to follow the signs for ‘Rose Rabbit Lie’ – Opium signs do not seemingly exist.

Once seated you are whisked off into a zany comedy world rarely seen in Sin City. OPIUM is more of a Edinburgh Fringe experimental show than a Vegas spectacular.

It’s a jolly way to spend 90 minutes but to be honest, there’s nothing new and it is impcomparable to it’s 5* perfect sister show ABSINTHE at Caesars.

In OPIUM’S defence, it is a ‘cheaper’ ticket (around $50) and it does celebrate its spec acts brilliantly. This intimate room, in the round, is the perfect stage for this type of show.

Is it worth seeing? Yes. Would I go again? No.

Will it last up against such huge competition in Vegas? I doubt it. Shame. It just felt like little or no time and effort has gone into the crafting, structure and delivery of this show.

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In England this show would be described as ‘end of the pier’, meaning it is pretty low rent.

If you’re looking for clever humour or sophisticated gags – this is not the show for you. It’s bawdy and at times deliberately vulgar.

It has a very average drag queen host who attempts camp classics in-between a bizarre storyline based loosely around your anus (Uranus). How do they come up with this comic genius?

Let me be clear. The show isn’t hideous, it’s just not brilliant. That leaves me disappointed in the entertainment capital of the world.

The producers & PR of this show declined my request to review this show. Very wise. Who needs to request comps when you can get free tickets on Houseseats?! Only in Vegas baby.

Review by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 20th May 2018.