Review Pantomime Birmingham Hippodrome Aladdin

Review Pantomime Birmingham Hippodrome Aladdin….

OK boys and girls, this one is easy – the Birmingham Hippodrome 2015/2016 production is simply the best pantomime in theatrical history!

Seriously, Aladdin has the perfect mix of music, light, sound, spectacular production pieces, big illusions, special effects and double/triple entendre!

With stunning music and dance numbers, beautiful costumes & endless nob gags – this is the perfect recipe for the ideal family night in the theatre.

There’s truly something for everyone. This a 5* masterclass in Live entertainment.

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Panto Dame Review Birmingham Hippodrome Aladdin Birmingham Hippodrome Pantomime Review 2016 Review Pantomime Birmingham Hippodrome 2016 Aladdin

Exclusive Audio / Video Review Via YouTube:

You could argue this show would be amazing without a Star cast. It’s seamlessly written and moves along at lightening speed with killer gags.

The Celebrity highlight in the 2015 production was Julian Clary’s sneering, dismissive put-downs and regular nob gags. His costumes are fabulously sensational!

Only JC could keep one tawdry ‘ring’ gag going for over 2 hours without it getting tired.

Matt Slack, despite being last on the poster, is first to be re-booked for 2016/2017! He has the BIG personality driving the entire show. He’s effortless and the epitome of a Panto Star.

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Also, Lee Meads voice was a true delight. This man is a rare ‘reality’ Star winner who has mega talent.

He lets his voice shine and allows Julian to relentlessly mock his squeaky clean ‘musical theatre’ persona.

Qdos are the genius’ behind most of the countries biggest Pantos. Michael Harrison is at the helm of their biggest showstopper in Brum.

He masterfully mixes the traditional gags and ‘bits’ with massively expensive Showbiz spectacular & a fabulously produced 3D segment in Act 2.

Matt Slack Review Birmingham Hippodrome 2016 2017 Dick Whittington

Kudos to Qdos for re-hiring Andrew Ryan’s perfect Widow Twankey. Epitome of Dame voice, timing, delivery and shenanigans.

Marti Pellow as Abanazar was  popular with his fans and adequate in the role.

This Panto is the best by a mile mostly down to numbers. It attracts over 100,000 a year paying £35+ per ticket. This gives the privilege the best of everything from talent to illusions.

With nods to the tradition throughout, “Oh no they don’t” etc, there’s also more risqué innuendo from Clary’s acid tongue for the Dad’s.

Review Pantomime Birmingham Hippodrome 2016 2017

This show has class, charm, cheekiness and cuteness via Panda’s & baby elephants.

You can see your investment in front of your eyes. So rare outside of the West End and Broadway.

I guarantee you’ll leave feeling you had absolute value for money. In fact this glamour-fest is a bargain!

Congrats all of the above – a masterclass in Panto.

Aladdin in Birmingham is the benchmark for anyone who thinks they can do Pantomime better!

Review by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 3rd Jan 2015.