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Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Review Paul Zerdin Mouthing Off Planet Hollywood Las Vegas…..

Paul Zerdin is the UK’s leading ventriloquist who won $1M in 2015 as winner of America’s Got Talent.

He’s just opened his brand new show “Mouthing Off” at Planet Hollywood which is currently the talk of Sin City…..and this man knows all about how to get people talking!

Appearing nightly at 7pm, this remarkable chatty man offers an utterly charming, very funny and perfectly crafted 90 minute shows which features, for the first time, his stunning girlfriend Robyn Mellor as his US assistant.

There’s no mistaking, Zerdin is a pro! He’s spent 30 years preparing for this moment and you can tell. He has a line for everything and the script is water-tight.

Paul may well be the greatest vent technician in history. His speed and precision is mind-blowing at times. He can ‘talk’ up to 4 voices at one time, in conversation and at Olympic speed.

There are moments in this show that are totally sensational and utterly breath-taking. Remarkable skill and discipline!

The reason this show works is that it moves along quickly, has adorably lovable puppets, a brilliantly hysterical script and several WOW moments.

Zerdin takes puppetry and ventriloquism to another level. This is a must see show in Las Vegas from a 5* Entertainer!


Mothing Off Paul Zerdin Review Las Vegas
AGT Winner Paul Zerdin Alex Belfield Interview
Review Paul Zerdin Las Vegas AGT Winner

Enjoy an Exclusive life story interview with Paul & Alex Belfield:

The show opens with Paul arriving in Vegas, and like the rest of us, having big issues with luggage, taxi’s and getting to the hotel.

His first 40 minutes is pure stand-up / ventriloquism at its best.

The second half of the show is magical and beautifully produced using technology to literally bring these puppets to life.

The audience participation bit near the end may have been done before – but never as beautifully, effortlessly, seamlessly or well staged.

There is some stronge language in this show, which adds nothing for me – but hey this is Vegas. It does however take Paul from a family entertainer to a 14+ audience at 7pm. In my view, a pointless mistake. He’s so clever he doesn’t need the F bomb.

Paul Zerdin Planet Hollywood Review

Robyn is new to the show but not to performing Live. She’s a West End Star with a phenomenal voice which adds a unique new element to Zerdin’s act.

Robyn’s duet with Sam is just beautiful, and a highlight of this show. Mellor has taken the show from a comedy ventriloquist act into a production.

The staging is glorious, especially in the last 30 minutes.

Paul Zerdin (soon to be 007?) is a man who has dedicated his life to this craft. He’s truly mastered it and 100% deserves to Star as a headliner in Las Vegas.

You can get Paul’s latest DVD ‘No Strings’ which features all of his most popular characters….plus members of the audience. Get it here.

Here’s Alex & Paul in Las Vegas….

Paul Zerdin Alex Belfield Interview

Paul’s show is a stunning example of live performance.

Zerdin ticks all the boxes – you can just tell he’s dedicated his entire life to his craft.

Paul first appeared on TV as the winner of the Big, Big, Talent Show presented by Jonathan Ross.

He’s performed at the Royal Variety Performance in 1997, 2002 and 2009.

He’s also even appeared on The Jerry Springer Show (as a Star guest…nothing involving a farm animals or a third wife).

Paul Zerdin Girlfriend Robyn Mellors

His show was born to be in Las Vegas in a huge showroom.

He’s leagues above most in his trade. To see him at the Planet Hollywood was a huge thrill!

Little of the ‘vent’ act is new, nearly all shows are a variation on the theme, however, towards the end, the duet between Sam and Robyn is glorious and the ‘automation’ puppets are spectacular.

Featuring ‘the baby’, Sam & Grandad – this cheeky (at times naughty but not smutty) show crescendo’s through relatable stories and jokes from birth through deaf….I mean death!

Here’s Paul winning AGT:

It was also brilliant to see teens, 30’s, 50’s and even 80’s at the show all enjoying his 15+ performance.

Zerdin is a huge talent and deserves his stage in Vegas.

The PH Showroom may be huge for this type of show, but, after winning AGT he deserves to fill the room nightly as a Sin City world class headliner.

Review and interview by Alex Belfield in Las Vegas for Celebrity Radio 28th May 2016.

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