5* Review Phantom Of The Opera 2018

Review Phantom Of The Opera 2018…

For 30 years Phantom has been entertaining, enthralling, captivating and wowing audiences on Broadway.

Three decades later, Lord Webbers most iconic musical was once again sold out. I was thrilled to see the 30th Anniversary cast on Broadway – it was just as spectacular as the day it opened in 1988.

So what is the reason for this musicals success? Well, it’s a love story – it’s actually a love / hate story – even better. Infatuation and obsession doesn’t go far enough!

It has remarkable tunes, a captivating set – revolutionary for the time – and a collective sensational cast who bring this creepy, emotional, moving & powerful story to life.

The greatness of Phantom is that as a character, he is hideous on every level, however, you cannot help but feel sorry for him by the end – despite his indefensible tragic obsession. It is beautiful theatre!

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Unrequited love seldom runs smoothly – just ask the chandelier……

Currently headlining the longest running musical in Broadway history, Ben Crawford is unquestionably one of the most commanding and vocally powerful Phantom’s in history.

He effortlessly captivates audiences with his wonderfully energetic and physical interpretation of this classic role.

Crawford is a theatre pro and you can tell. I wonder if he’s Michael’s relative – he certain’s owns this stage similar to the creator of this role! He makes it look effortless. He clearly understands pathos, drama and empathy with equal measure of creepiness and narcissism.

His booming, operatic voice is rich & powerful and truly remarkable. Brilliantly menacing yet touching as the Phantom deals with unhealthy obsession of Christine. His more tender moments are truly beautiful.

Kaley Ann Voorhees played Daae on tonight on Broadway. What a gorgeously powerful and delicious tone. She’s both vocally and visually stunning – she owns this enormous role.


What a lot of people forget about Phantom Of The Opera is that as well as being dark and depressing, it’s also wonderfully witty and has clever sarcasm and mockery throughout.

Despite still being the original set & production with minor tweaks, it’s still visually & emotionally as spectacular as it’s newest competitors on the Great White Way. The illusions are breath-taking by 2018 standards.

This show was certainly ahead of its time and stands proud opposite Disney’s Frozen across the street. I doubt that will be sold out in 2048 – in fact it wasn’t sold out tonight.

Having seen Phantom 100’s of times around the world, this cast is superb. Vocally magnificent and the precision is only to be admired.

It’s so rare that a show comes along that is timeless. Phantom has everything audiences crave – drama, spectacle and now legendary songs that they know, love and cannot wait to hear sung magnificently.

Who could be unmoved by ‘The Music Of The Night’, ‘Angel Of Music’, ‘Think Of Me’ and ‘All I Ask Of You’.

Don’t miss Phantom Of The Opera at the Majestic Theatre, in the heart of Broadway on 44th Street.

This show is as popular and timeless today as it was the week it opened, 30 years ago. Bravo Lord Webber.

Review by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 8th June 2018.