5* Review OMG Planet Circus

Review Planet Circus OMG UK Tour….

Planet Circus is a perfect day out for all of the family touring the UK through 2018!

This show celebrates remarkable ‘spec’ acts who have literally dedicated their entire lives to their craft.

With huge production numbers as well as intricate, perfectly rehearsed and beautifully artistic dance acts – this show has it all!

Most of all it’s INCREDIBLE value for money with tickets from just £6!

Enjoy our EXCLUSIVE HD Video highlights and review of OMG 2018…

Produced and Directed by Mark Whitney, Planet Circus harks back to the halcyon days of show business when audiences flocked to see ‘turns’ that had taken a lifetime to create and master. For that I love this show!

Set in a glorious Big Top circus tent, the children will love the modern music, lights, constant stimulation, atmosphere and breath-taking acts.

This show is 100% Live and has huge element of danger. These performers push themselves to the limit to perform their remarkable acts and give the best show possible – TWICE a day, seven days a week!

That is the joy of great circus….

From jugglers, aerial performers, high speed motorbikes to a splendid whip cracking and Lasso Spinning Act – it moves along at 100MPH. Genius!

There’s face painting, burgers, candyfloss and endless flashing toys for the kids to enjoy. It will be like something they’ve never experienced before I guarantee! I took four under 10’s and they were gobsmacked!


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Planet Circus OMG UK Tour Review
Review Planet Circus UK Tour 2016

Here’s our Audio / Visual Review via YouTube:

Probably the most breath-taking act was the motorbikes.

Entombed in an enormous metal sphere, this ludicrous high speed 360 race literally left your heart in your mouth. Everyone loved it!

The act includes 17-year-old Peter Pavlov, Europe’s youngest stunt rider as seen on Britain’s Got Talent. It is truly incredible, and rightly the finale of this mega production.

For me the most electric and perfect act is ‘The Circle Of Death’ – OMG!…

As the circles spun, the acrobats jumped in the air, run around the outside almost touching the top of the Big Top and even repeated this blindfolded. Remarkable bravery and skill!

Truly one of the most thrilling acts not just on Planet Circus but Planet Earth!

Review Planet Circus
Planet Circus OMG Review
Review Planet Circus OMG UK Tour 2016

The car ‘Transformer’ was one of the cleverist and most popular effects that I’ve ever seen in a show of this type. Brilliant. The kids went nuts!

We have to support and protect this type of show, it’s the epitome of international variety / vaudeville at it’s best.

The host drives the show whilst ‘the clown’ brings heart and comedy to the entire production.

This circus does not contain any animals whatsoever.

Planet Circus OMG Review
Planet Circus OMG Review (3)
Planet Circus OMG Review (2)

There’s food and drink available throughout and toilets on site.

During the interview you can get refreshments and take pictures with the cast, ‘Transformer’ car and learn some of the circus tricks.

This show may not have the budget of Cirque in Vegas or indeed the polish, however, I loved it and you must support it so that these acts, in this venue can be seen for generations to come.

Parking may be available depending on the location.

Planet Circus OMG continues touring through 2018.

Review by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 30th December 2017.

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