REVIEW Raymond & Mr Timpkins Revue

REVIEW Raymond & Mr Timpkins Revue…

I first saw Raymond and Mr Timpkins almost 10 years ago and was blown away by their comic synergy and confidence.

This is the epitome of a world class British variety act.

Prop comics are often regarded as less clever than stand-ups. I absolutely disagree – these boys are bloody funny and deserve to be constantly touring the UK!

Enjoy our HD audio / video review via YouTube:

They’re utterly charming and make their slick slapstick look easy. Mostly based around puns, if this is your type of humour – this is a master class and the best I’ve seen.

R & Mr T are pros, they’ve been at it for years and crafted their act to within an inch of its life. They’re comedically inspiring.

At a time most ‘guys’ walk out on stage in a pair of jeans and ‘ad-lib’ – these guys have polished their routines to maximise every single laugh. Just when you think it can’t get funnier….it does!



R&MR.T hit the headlines last year when an act on Britain’s Got Talent blatantly stole their material. It was a shameless theft of their best work. It worked to their advantage – they’re now in Edinburgh for a month showing them how it should be done!

Don’t miss Raymond and Mr Timpkins who prove they’re the British masters of prop and pun comedy.

Review by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 9th August 2018.