4* Review Restaurant Sat Bains 2019

Restaurant Sat Bains Review Nottingham 2019….

This is not only Nottingham’s greatest culinary delight but one of the best eateries in the UK! In 2014, Restaurant Sat Bains was awarded the rare honour of two Michelin Stars.

In 2015 The Sunday Times finally named Bains ‘#1 RESTAURANT UK!”

It’s league above anything in Nottingham, however, has Sat Bains lost his edge? This eatery is the most expensive dining experience in many many miles – therefore expectations are high!

RSB is a wonderfully indulgent treat at £120 for 10 courses, however, tonight I left a little deflated. The room was irritating, the service formulaic and the food was naturally excellent but just not as exciting this year. Everything felt tired…

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Review Sat Bains Nottingham
Sat Bains Review Nottingham
Sat Bains Restaurant Review Nottingham

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This restaurant is located just off the A453 on the way into Nottingham from M1 J24.

Offering only a 7 or 10 course taster menu per table, you can add the world famous ‘duck egg’ which he’s demonstrated on TV all over the world.

It’s an indulgent, special, decant but unpretentious night out. The menu for 2019 seemed to be less inspired though, and not as visually exciting.

Added to the insufferable low lighting in the main dining room, bizarre music and a less familiar welcome – this dinner struggled to shine. The first four dishes all had the same mantra from the server of ‘and we pour this over…’ – making the plate look a messy and feel repetitive. What happened to the showbiz?…

Let me be absolutely clear. This is a stunning restaurant – but it’s all relative. Obviously compared any other restaurant in Nottingham, this is extra-ordinary experience. But, in comparison to a restaurant like Joel Robuchon or even the Savoy Grill at half the price…it was just a bit underwhelming tonight.

As an overall experience I didn’t feel compelled to go back, that’s never happened before. Honestly, for two, I didn’t feel we had £330 worth of value.

Not the most glamorous of locations – or the easiest to find, SB is still worth the effort.

I love that the dessert is called “‘Lenton Lane’ based on Rocky Road” – I wouldn’t come in your Jag, the potholes on this private road are totally inconguous to a 5* restaurant!

When you book, insist on sitting in the conservatory – it’s a TOTALLY different experience. I did not like the bland and dull dining room at all. The staff waiting around for something to do didn’t help.

The 200 day aged steak (above) was possibly the silliest of dishes that I’ve ever been served. Based on a piece of ‘art’, this dish appeared to be more inspired by the Queen’s Medical Centre than Lowry. I just don’t get it.

Unlike many top chefs, Bains remains loyal to his home town and makes Londoners take the two hour trip up the M1 to enjoy his divine cuisine.

The room is refined and elegant but not pompous. Tonight I found the brown’s, grey’s, modern art + low lighting draining. It was like eating in a pompous nightclub.

There were two standout dishes tonight. The Eel dish was sensational and the Monkfish was incredible. Frankly, these flavours were leagues above everything else that I tasted. Two 5*plates for sure.

Sat is a master of his art….and it is an art. His food can be exceptional and exciting.

You don’t need an interesting date, you can just talk about the playful food.

The candyfloss ice cream was awfully spicy for my taste, as was the chocolate dessert over powered by the tobacco…

The service at Sat Bains is incredibly professional….perhaps too professional. You hear the same script given to everyone around you word for word. It becomes a little cynical.

Bains uses local & seasonal ingredients and the menu continually evolves.

As well as the restaurant, they have two incredibly beautifully decorated hotel rooms.

With a gorgeous four poster bed and lounge area, this room competes with any 5* hotel in the world.

The epitome of opulence with all 2019 amenities in room.

A word of warning though – these rooms can be noisy with passing traffic from the main road into Notts. The first room closest to the restaurant is attached to the noisy electric gate. AVOID!

Restaurant Sat Bains Review Nottingham Hotel Room Review
Restaurant Sat Bains Review Nottingham Hotel Review
Restaurant Sat Bains Review Nottingham Rooms

Don’t be put off though, the breakfast itself is worth a visit!

There is no question these spacious rooms are 5* in quality.

There’s a huge living area, wonderful bathroom and lovely high end bed linen.

You’ll enjoy a full English with local Nottinghamshire Sausage & bacon….

Restaurant Sat Bains Review Nottingham Breakfast
Restaurant Sat Bains Review Nottingham (3)
Restaurant Sat Bains Review Nottingham Full English Breakfast

Restaurant Sat Bains was Celebrity Radio’s second favourite restaurant IN THE WORLD! Sadly, that is no longer the case. Tonight, I just didn’t feel it.

Sat Bains **** – still a Nottingham gem worth visiting if you want a treat.

Review Updated by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 16th March 2019

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