Review Ri Ra Best Pub Las Vegas

Review Ri Ra Best Pub Las Vegas….

Ri Ra at Mandalay Bay is once again Celebrity Radio’s favourite pub in Las Vegas 2018!

It’s authentic, cool, has fun servers, an amazing selection of beers and whiskeys as well as great value and excellent quality food!

Located in between Luxor & Mandalay Bay – this is the epitome of a Irish Pub. It has true heart, warmth and spirit.

With furniture and staff flown in direct from the homeland, you cannot fail to be impressed by the grandeur of the bar and chandeliers….

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The atmosphere in the bar is intoxicating. Such a lovely place to hangout, eat & drink.

The far room has a more formal and restaurant-esq feel and is home to live entertainment at weekends.

The staff are flown in from Ireland on a one years contract to serve in this pub. What an opportunity to learn their craft in the most exciting city in the world!

The bar offers an exceptional menu as well as over 150 whiskeys, scotches and bourbons.

The craft beers are excellent. Again, many imported and served perfectly.

So to the food:

The appetisers are wonderful, delicious, hugely traditional and could be a meal in themselves!

The deviled Scotch eggs were devine! Everyone loved them. I don’t think you’ll find this gorgeous delicacy anywhere else in Las Vegas!

We ate at lunch and the avacado toast was a refreshing way to start the day…


For the entree’s you HAVE to try the fish and chips. It’s the best in Vegas!

So simple and the haddock is so fresh, huge and perfectly cooked.

The tartare sauce and lemon finish off this dish perfectly. I honestly have not had better in the UK!

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Ri Ra serve Irish favourites as well as burgers, salads, Shepherd’s Pie, corned beef, bangers and mash and much more.

You should take advantage of the daily specials.

One of the greatest appetisers on the menu is the fabulous goats-cheese. So creamy and delicious it’s a wonderful start to the meal. I love it….

This pub / restaurant has an effortless charm. The staff are sensational.

The effort the management have gone to create this authentic Irish pub is mindblowing.

Finally I tried the fabulous Bailey’s chocolate mousse dessert. Wow – divine…

After dinner go next door to the Guinness Store.

They offer ‘The Perfect Pint’ experience offering a guide to pouring the perfect pint of Guinness.

There’s also brilliant merchandise from the worlds most famous beverage!


I can’t say enough good things about Ri Ra open from 8am until 3am.

They’ve mastered the art of hospitality, knowing their audience and consistency.

5* – Best Pub Las Vegas 2018 from Celebrity Radio located in between Mandalay Bay & Luxor at the Shoppes.

Review by Alex Belfield 23rd May 2018.