Review Ruby Wax Sane New World The Arts Theatre 2016

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Review Ruby Wax Sane New World The Arts Theatre 2016….

Inspired by her own experience of depression – Ruby Wax has dedicated her life and career of late to understanding humanity, our mentality and the brain’s complexity.

From a masters degree at Oxford University to her Live show in Edinburgh and the West End, Ruby takes her survival, mental evolution and existence very seriously.

This new show at the intimate (and totally sold out) Arts Theatre, just seconds from Leicester Square, should be re-named ‘Reality Check’.

This two hour comedy lecture is a brutal wake-up call for all of us! It points out how toxic our constant distractions & obsessions with technology lead to unnecessary anxieties and illness.

Ruby beautifully pin points why we are our own worst enemies when it comes to anxiety, mental illness and psychological wellness. She explains how to survive in 2016.

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Wax is naturally compelling, has beautifully crisp delivery and makes this somewhat complicated and potentially dull subject entertaining and certainly enlightening.

Her physicality is almost as breath-taking as her cutting one-liners.

Wax’s 2013 book, Sane New World: Taming The Mind, which examines the technology obsessed modern world we attempt to survive in; dissects our brain and its processes; and how it copes with this often over stimulation.

Wax has made no secret that she is offering a lecture of stand-up with substance. This is not trying to be frivolous. You will benefit if you engage.

Ruby Wax Review Ruby Wax Review West End Sane New World Ruby Wax Sane New world Review West End 2016

Ruby is not only an interviewing genius but a wonderful stand-up comedian. She uses both of this techniques to hold together this rhetorical performance.

The second half of the show is a Q&A. There’s no doubting Ms. Wax knows her stuff!

Wax has the rare skill of using her physicality to bring this topic to life. She is naturally funny and the audience loved her observations on everything from sex, palates to Trump.

This show has pathos, belly laughs and compelling insight. A rare West End combination.


The show also looks great with very clever technology illustrating Ruby’s thoughts beautifully.

This is a 4* example of a Star taking their passion, experience, hobby and personal issues and turning it into a fascinating show.

You will come out entertained & intrigued in equal measure. The next time you pick up your smart phone, you’ll ask yourself ‘why?’.

Review by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 3rd Feb 2016.