Ryanair Review 2018

Ryanair Review 2018…

I’m always amazed when dopy Celebs take to Twitter boo-hooing about Ryanair charging them an “outrageous amount” to print off their boarding card at the airport.

Ryanair make it absolutely clear, “if you don’t print your own boarding card we’ll charge an outrageous amount to do it for you!”

You see the thing about Ryan Air is that it is easy take shots about ‘hidden charges’ and ‘Nazi Check-in operatives’….however, IF YOU FOLLOW THE RULES YOU CAN’T GO WRONG!….

Seems fair enough to me. We flew to Alicante from East Midlands to checkout the service in 2018.

Here’s Alex Belfield’s Exclusive 2018 Review via YouTube:

I know its not a popular opinion but I’ve always found Ryanair to be on-time, efficient, clean and convenient.

They have one of the finest safety records in the entire world and they are rarely delayed, more often ahead of schedule.

Would I fly with them to the USA? – No! However, for any destination under 3 hours they are probably the cheapest and most comfortable airline….if you follow the rules.

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So why does everyone love slagging off Ryanair???

Ryanair is the worlds most notorious low-cost airline. Its headquarters is located in Dublin with its primary operational bases at Dublin Airport and London Stansted Airports.

Ryanair operates 297 Boeing 737–800 aircraft. They serves 28 countries in Europe and also Morocco.

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Unfortunately Ryanair are ran by a man who doesn’t give a shit. He’s an old fashioned tease who thinks nothing of press releasing that he’s going to charge his punters a pound to spend a penny on board.

Michael O’Leary is brash, he’s arrogant and he’s incredibly rich and massively successful.

People accuse Ryanair of “adding extra charges” at the end…..like tax which can double or triple the ticket. To be fair, Ryanair don’t generate revenue from tax therefore it is their right to show these often outrageous amounts of airport, fuel and travel taxes at the end of the transaction.

You see Ryanair do not operate like BA or Virgin where sob-stories, motorway delays, begging, pleading or “I’ve learnt my lesson” will count. Trust me, if your baggage is over weight you’ll get charged….and if you miss you check-in time (which is clearly displayed on your ticket) you’re on your own without sympathy.

How is that unfair? They tell you the rules, you just have to follow them.

Having flown with Ryanair 100’s of times I’ve found a few ways to make your experience as absolutely painless as possible. It will never be fun, fabulous or decadent – but you can make the best of this no-frills experience.

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1) Pre-book your seat. For just £10 each way you join the ‘Priority’ line (which is almost empty) allowing you on the plane before everyone else.

You’ll know exactly where you’re sitting and you don’t have to run like cattle to get on-board.

2) Pre-booking your seat means you can literally turn up 1 hour before departure knowing your guaranteed to get on the flight. Less waiting, less stress.

3) ALWAYS book seats 1 ABC! Never sit anywhere else – EVER

You literally get the leg room of 9 people and are first off the plane….therefore, you might as well get on the plane last saving even more time. You can’t lose…..

4) Take as little with you on-board as possible. Despite Ryanair offering 10 Kilos of on-board luggage this causes chaos at security as you have to be so careful what you take to the gate.

I don’t even take a coat – it’ll just get ruined scrunched up in the over-head bins. They don’t hang your coat like Virgin Upperclass – who knew?

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Listen, I’m not going to pretend that Ryanair offer ‘customer service’. They give you exactly what you pay for and nothing else.

You are not going to be given a free meal, glass of water or coffee – if you want it you have to pay for it.

So here’s Celebrity Radio’s Ryanair Review – This is effectively a bus with wings. No-frills. No-freebies. No-bullshit.

My only advice is read the rules. Always print your ticket and expect to pay £10 per kilo over 15 kilos checked luggage.

They now allow you to take a carry-on bag plus one bag of duty free or shopping on-board. Whether you can find space to store it on-board is another story.

So, think yourself lucky, your flight is technically only £9.99!

Good luck.

Ryanair review with Alex Belfield 2014

Review by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 25th Feb 2018