Review Sam Bailey Tour

Review Sam Bailey Tour….

What Sam Bailey lacks in grace and high heels, she makes up for in vocal brilliance!

This sensational vocalist is back on tour across the UK and offers a master-class in performance with a 5* (effortless) 90 minutes of vocal X-Factor.

“I’m a tomboy, I can’t sing the high notes with my legs together” Sam tells the audience with pride. There are no airs and graces!

Sam is ‘herself’. There’s no pretence, ‘showbiz’, bells & whistles or fakery – it’s a simply a mother from Leicestershire wowing her audience with an incredible gift.

Enjoy our NEW and exclusive interview below recorded backstage at the Royal Concert Hall Nottingham in March 2017….



Enjoy an EXCLUSIVE interview with Sam & Alex via YouTube:

I have rarely seen anyone take to the stage with such ease. Sam appears to be totally at home in front of nearly 3000 people at the RCH Notts.

It’s unsurprising as Ms. Bailey has spent her entire life crafting her act, working tough Northern crowds and mastering her art.

Sam embraces the fact that she’s no Celine or Mariah in glamour, but, vocally she matches Celine and blows Mariah out of the water!

Most impressive of all – she sings 100% LIVE. Incredibly rare in 2017.

Sam is using this tour to expose other new talents…

The first half of the ‘Sing My Heart Out’ tour showcases stunning 16 year old Faith Tucker & Nikki Loy – both have remarkable gifts.

Without a ‘Champion’ like Sam, it is unlikely either would play on such a big stage or tour. Very generous of Sam.

Mark Boulton, Louise Bedford & Rebecca Stafford are Sam’s hand picked BV’s who seemingly had as many fans in tonight’s audience as the lady on the poster.

Mark especially shone during his solo stints and wowed the crowd with his powerful and moving voice.


Sam not only sings the hits from X-Factor that defined her life and career but also includes her own material.

Although at times appearing troubled by an intrusive media and disloyal business – ‘Never Again’ was a feisty belter of defiance and determination.

Equally, ‘Echo’ (from the new album) is a brilliant single that should get FM airplay.

‘Take It Out On The Dance Floor’ is a wonderfully camp show stopper that equals the greatness of the best 90’s floorfillers. Both penned by Sam.

The production has little finesse and the ‘set’ was basic with a virtually unwatchable projection screen, however, who cares – Sam offers a 5* master-class in personality, stage confidence and vocal brilliance!

There is no question that Sam Bailey is one of the greatest singers in British history.

Review by Alex Belfield 3rd March 2017 for Celebrity Radio.