Review Sex Tips Paris Las Vegas

Review Sex Tips Paris Las Vegas…

Featuring Kendra Wilkinson and Jai Rodriguez, “Sex Tips for Straight Women from a Gay Man” is a raucous comedy romp highlighting the lunacy of dating, sex & relationships.

This ain’t Shakespeare – it’s a bawdy, low rent, laugh out loud, no holds barred, schtick filled play where no topic is too outrageous or taboo!

From the perspective of a gay man, women are given an insight into what men want…and how they want it!


The sound isn’t great and the script moves at 100mph – you gotta pay attention! Take a beverage before the show and you’re sure to have a hoot.

Following its record-breaking run in New York City, SEX TIPS plays at 7pm nightly at Paris Las Vegas and late at weekends.



This show was born for bachelorette parties and groups of women. Interestingly tonight, there was only one gay guy in the entire audience.

Who knew that gay guys are more interested in having sex than listening to tips about it! A delicious irony.

I was incredibly impressed by Jai Rodriguez who is remarkably charismatic, charming and has perfect comic timing.

He certainly drives this show and delivers all the laughs. An old-school performer with effortless talent.

Kendra is a great ‘straight man’ who feeds Jai and sets him up perfectly.

This is not sophisticated, it’s fun & mindless entertainment for a slightly naughty time in Vegas.

If you want 80 minutes of nonsense, silliness and an insight into the ‘male mind’ (according to Jai) – you’ll love Sex Tips at Paris Las Vegas!

Review by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 8th October 2017