Showstopper The Improvised Musical

Review Showstopper The Improvised Musical…

SHOWSTOPPER! The Improvised Musical is on tour across the UK this Spring following a sell-out run in the West End.

With a BBC R4 series & eight years of festivals and touring to their name, ‘The Showstoppers’ have delighted audiences around the world with their “ingenious, unique blend of comedy, musical theatre and spontaneity”!

The word ‘Improv’ terrifies me – it often ends in tears…..or at least some very awkward moments of Live theatre.

There’s no question that the actors in this show can all act, sing and think on their feet.

With no pre-planned script or score at 7.30pm, they create two hours of inventive Live theatre with ease.

There are some huge laughs and some incredibly clever ‘adlibs’ & performances, however, other parts are somewhat clumsy, confused and off the rails. I guess that’s the joy of Improv.

For pure effort & energy alone – Showstopper! is definitely worth a visit.

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Tonight’s unique musical featured the topics of Pompeii, Brexit & Dudley Zoo via the musical influences of The Lion King, The Sound Of Music, Book Of Mormon, Phantom & Chicago.

These subjects, themes, styles & topics were suggested by the audience at the beginning of each act. The bravery of the cast is astonishing.

Their tenacity & ability to work as a team is only to be admired.

The cast work incredibly hard, but, the show overall (tonight) was hit and miss ‘theatrically’.

Pippa Evans particularly shone tonight with remarkable confidence, creativity & vocals. What a talent who effortlessly stole the show with such comic ease & vocal brilliance.

Andrew Pugsley ‘led’ the show admirably. He gave it 100%.

Most impressive was the pianist & MD, Duncan Walsh Atkins, who set the tone for the entire show and is clearly a magnificent musician.

I guess this show changes from night to night. The more the audience give, the more they get back.

Review by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 20th April 2017.