4* REVIEW Shrek UK Tour 2018

REVIEW Shrek UK Tour 2018….

Shrek The Musical is back on tour! It’s the latest in a line of hit movies that take to the stage.

This show is 2 hours of pure fun and escapism. You get a top cast, clever script, fantastic lighting, brilliant costumes, top special effects & excellent choreography.

There’s lol gags but most importantly heart-warming charm. This is the perfect night out for the entire family!

The new 2018 production has a terrific live orchestra and stellar cast starring Steffan Harri as Shrek & Amelia Lily as Princess Fiona – both excel vocally.



Enjoy our exclusive audio / video review via YouTube:

Shrek is a joyous romp of frivolity referencing the most famous fairytale characters that we love.

There’s endless in-jokes and cross-references to other musicals….most of which flew over the audiences head tonight.

What’s beautiful about SHREK is that it is not saccharin, cheesy or sickeningly gushy like so many of the American musicals of this ilk tend to be.

There’s humour on every level. The Dad’s will not be bored. Four times my 8 year old guest asked me “what are you laughing at” – this is perfect!


The tunes are enjoyable although aren’t memorable, they do however allow all of the principle cast to shine throughout the show.

What’s most brilliant about the 2018 production is the choreography. Beautifully staged and some of the dance numbers are electric.

The lighting and special effects are also exceptional in this production despite the set being scaled back to a 1980’s hand painted village hall panto – quite bizarre.

The dragon is quite brilliant though. Hugely imposing without being too scary. Very clever.


Shrek the Musical, like the multi-award winning DreamWorks movies, is upbeat, refreshing, hysterical and offers much needed light relief to an increasingly depressing world!

The Brexit gag was divine and was absolutely the biggest laugh of the night.

Shrek 2018 remains a fast-paced, tightly scripted farce with clever illusions and fun for all the family!

I first saw Shrek on Broadway and couldn’t believe what the lead character has to go through (especially on a two show day) to get into character.

With 2-3 hours in front of the mirror, this is certainly not Mamma Mia!

Steffan Harri has a powerful and enchanting singing voice and has my undying respect to perform this role (through the summer) 8 times a week! A task I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. Total pro!

Amelia Lily has proven herself to be musical star and owned the role of the Princess tonight. A great voice and inspired confidence equalled with tenderness – perfect for this role.

Samuel Holmes stole the show comedically as Lord Farquaad. Beautiful timing and stage presence. Quite magnificent.

Equal kudos to Marcus Ayton who was a delicious donkey. Loveable, warm, funny and adorable. Great voice too!

Bravo Shrek! A hugely fun and fab feelgood night out.

Review by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 12th September 2018.