4* Review Silversea Cruise 2019

Review Silversea Cruise 2019…

In October 2019 we were thrilled to board the Silversea Whisper for a cruise from Montreal to New York.

This ship has elegance and class with relatively enormous cabins – and impeccable service.

The food is infinite and alcohol is brought to your room, by the litre within the cruise price.

This is an all inclusive cruise.

You cannot fail to be impressed by the pure decadence and indulgence of the Silversea experience.

Watch our video below to see HDTV video highlights of the cruise and experience.


Enjoy our HDTV video Silversea REVIEW via YouTube:

The opulence and class is second to none on Silversea.

You have a butler who literally helps you with EVERYTHING whilst on-board the ship.

The first question is “what drinks would you like in your room”. You wish is their command…

The cabins/suites & bathrooms at Silversea are also hugely impressive.

There’s a shower and bath in most suites – RARE!

You also get world class shampoo and conditioner etc…


We only gave Silversea a 4* review for several reasons.

Find out if Silversea are disabled accessible and whether you are best designed for young or old people.

Review by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 23rd October 2019.