5* Review Snow White London Palladium

Review Snow White London Palladium…

They’ve done it again! SNOW WHITE is a dream of a pantomime and a magical night out at the London Palladium.

Rammed with camp old nonsense, packed with variety and dripping in glamour – this 5 week production is a much needed 2.5 hours of light relief and escapism after a year of toxic negativity.

Dawn French makes her pantomime debut to headline as the delicious & frisky Wicked Queen, however, lets face it – it’s Julian Clary’s infinite nob gags, innunendo and breath-taking costumes that steal the show.


Listen and watch our HD audio / video review HERE via YouTube:

Julian Clary as ‘The Man in the Mirror’ pushes his palatial part as far as any panto star can. At times, especially in Act 1 – this is a single-entendre riddled adult panto leaving little for kids to comprehend – other than the LOL spectacle.

Julian offers two remarkable Palladium scale dance numbers that befit his status as the arts biggest star! Nigel Havers plays his Understudy selflessly and perfectly.

Watch the standing ovation from opening night at the London Palladium:

Paul Zerdin as Muddles offers some magical moments, especially with Sam’s Les Miz West End debut! Zerdin is an absolute pro. His charm and warmth never fails to reach the back of the theatre.

THE moment of the night came from Gary Wilmot as Mrs Crumble who once again has put months of practice into the shows 11 o’clock number. A knockout! Buy a ticket if you want to see theatre gold! The man is a true star.

Vincent Simone as The King & Flavia Cacace-Mistry as The Queen offer two moments of levity. Quite beautiful. Sensational talent.



Directed by Michael Harrison and produced by the Olivier Award-winning team behind last year’s Dick Whittington, this brand-new production is, as always, 50% panto – 50% a celebration of variety.

There are endless in-gags and nods to the importance of the Palladium and those who have made it the Palace of Show Business.

The story in Act 1 is of little consequence, however, Danielle Hope & Charlie Stemp do a fine job driving the story amidst the chaos of their co-stars. Both are gifted stars of musical theatre who make it look easy.

The sound, lights and special effects are flawless. An amazing achievement considering the scale of the show….staged in such little time.

This is the 3rd panto by Qdos at the Palladium. Both Dick & Cinderella were 5* spectaculars! This is no exception. Very different buy equally as joyous.

There’s big dance numbers, tender moving moments and great old fashioned schtick that brings the house down. Welcome to panto.

What’s most special about Snow White is that it has more traditional ‘panto nonsense’ than any of its predecessors since 2016. The audience loved the shenanigans delivered and encouraged superbly by French.

The music in this production was less predictable and the most original that I’ve ever seen. Great effort has been taken to drive the show via the remarkable & faultless orchestra.

Josh Bennett, Simeon Dyer, Craig Garner, Ben Goffe, Jamie John, Blake Lisle and Andrew Martin Star as The Magnificent Seven. The do a great job!


Enjoy the sensational curtain call and standing ovation from Dick Whittington 2017:

The show has immersive scenery designed by Ian Westbrook, with costumes by the incredible and unstoppable Hugh Durrant – nothing is clearly too outrageous!

Visual special effects by The Twins FX, lighting by Ben Cracknell and original music from Gary Hind are all superb.

Performances run until the 13th January 2019.

Tickets start at £35 and go up to a breath-taking £150 for most best seats. If you love panto & show business – it’s worth every penny!

I don’t think this type of variety show has ever been staged better at the London Palladium.

I can’t wait to return in January to catch the nob gags I missed whilst laughing.

Review by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 12th December 2018.