Review Strictly Ballroom Musical

Review Strictly Ballroom Musical

Well, that’s a surprise. This is certainly more Strictly Come Mincing than Strictly Come Dancing!

Adapted from Baz Luhrmann’s beloved and award-winning film, STRICTLY BALLROOM has been transformed into a gloriously camp musical. This ain’t Harold Pinter!

“I’m on the whiskey diet – I lost 3 days last week”. I first heard this on the Comedian’s TV show in the 70’s. It got a big laugh and set the mood and level we’re working at….

There was one brilliant line to which the rest of the script should aspire – “Hot stuff might be able to shake his tail feather, but he knows chicken shit about rhythm”. Genius = belly laugh.

Strictly Ballroom is not sophisticated, classy or elegant – BUT – the band are phenomenal, the cast give 100% and by the end of the show the entire audience are on their feet! That’s the only review that counts.

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Enjoy the STANDING OVATION from Strictly Ballroom:

The cast is led by Will Young who sings and drives the entire show confidently as MC. His voice is consistently pitch perfect and captivating.

Zizi Strallen steals the show with her innocence, charm, warmth evolving into leading lady killer moves.

Stunning on every level but WHY OH WHY didn’t we get to hear her sing throughout? A star wasted.

Jonny Labey is a stunning dancer as is Fernando Mira who offers one of two magic moments in Act 1.

The other magic moment was Will’s version of ‘Time After Time’ which was beautifully staged. The show kicked in after 50 minutes with a huge ovation for this perfectly produced scene.

Nods also to Gary Watson who is always captivating….but again, same theme, why the [email protected] didn’t they get him to sing??? 2nd waste of a massive talent!


Here’s our Audio / HD Video review YouTube:

The story is a little flimsy and in fact annoying at times flopping between believable love story and ‘Carry On’ panto farce. Act 1 was probably 20 minutes too long.

There’s 40 classic chart hits crammed in (mostly under 90 seconds)  including Time After Time, Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps and Love is in the Air – all familiar toe-tappers throughout.

The set was dreary and why we need to see the stage hands from my £80 stalls seat is beyond me.

My favourite thing about the show was the band who were sensational. A show worth seeing themselves. The horn section is brilliant.

Lighting and sound was first class. The choreography looked clumsy and confusing at times from my perspective but I’m no Wayne Sleep.

STRICTLY BALLROOM performs 8 times a week at the Piccadilly Theatre.

I’m glad I’ve seen it – but once is more than enough.

Review by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 25th April 2018.