Review Takeshi Omae Las Vegas Japanese Restaurant

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Review Takeshi Omae Las Vegas Japanese Restaurant….

Takeshi Omae has to be one of the most understated, humble and remarkable golden gems in Las Vegas culinary history.

Located in a distinctly average strip mall just 15 minutes from the centre of the Las Vegas, Omae offers extraordinary Japanese cuisine from a Michelin starred chef personally preparing your seven course meal.

Takeshi Omae has just 2 tables and is limited to just 12 diners at a time, with three seatings at 5.30pm, 8pm & 10.30pm per night.

There is no liquor licence at Omae. This restaurant offers a 7 Course taster menu at $150 with no a le carte options.

What you get is unique, authentic, fine dining Japanese cuisine delivered with humility and without any of the usual arrogance and pomposity for this level of food and restaurant.

You will not be disappointed….


Review Takeshi Omae Japanese Las Vegas
Review Takeshi Omae Las Vegas 2 tables
Best Japanese Restaurant Las Vegas

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With only an extra sous chef to help prepare your meal, this is a totally unique and brilliant restaurant with a feel like no other. It’s like visiting Chefs house where he cares and personally serves each dish.

There’s no question this is a phenomenal Japanese restaurant.

Takeshi Omae takes this cuisine to a new level….

Takeshi Omae Las Vegas Review
Chef Takeshi Omae Las Vegas
Review Takeshi Omae Las Vegas

So to the food and room….

The room is very humble and once again nicely designed with leather white couches but not flamboyant. It is certainly a surprise considering the very average strip mall setting.

The food though is impressive, this is where Omae comes into it’s own….

1. To begin, Homemade tofu with daisy flower and asparagus sauce and shrimp butter at the bottom was a colourful delight to begin this splendid meal.

2. Next, the wagyu wrap with sea urchin and wasabi, shiso leaf, smoke salt was gorgeous amuse bouche.

3. Shigoku Oyster with Sake steamed with sea urchin, sautéed foe gras on top, black truffle and pepper sauce was my absolute favourite.

What a fabulous mouthful of culinary glory!

(double click pictures to enlarge)….

Review Takeshi Omae Las Vegas Tofu
Review Takeshi Omae Las Vegas Wagu
Review Takeshi Omae Las Vegas Ocyster Foie Gras

4. Next came the most glorious dish I’ve ever been served at a Japanese restaurat – The Assorted Sashimi Box…..

Personally served by Chef, the top box of 6 incredible fish came with Kinmedai, Hirame, Kamasu, Katsuo, Ebi and a picture and explanation of each fish. Love it.

This was sensationally presented and absolutely the most fresh it could be.

Best Sashimi Las Vegas

For me though, the highlight of the entire meal was in the ‘Bottom Box’….

This was the most beautiful looking and flavour packed dish I’ve ever been served in Las Vegas.

With Chirashi sushi, sushi rice with Taraba, Ikura, Tamago, Kanpyo, Ginger, Konbu, and sesame seeds – you have to try this dish!

Review Takeshi Omae Las Vegas (13)

5. The ‘Sweet fish Ayu confit’. You can’t win them all and this was my least favourite. Maybe my western palate was not up to the winking eye of my dinner.

6. However, the Beef tenderloin Hoba yaki style was delicious. With four kinds of Japanese mushrooms, chestnuts, scallions, special miso with almond (blended in front of your eyes), Wagyu beef, chill pepper and tama miso this again was a highlight of my entire culinary vacation.

7. Finally, dessert was Temupra green tea ice cream…..

Review Takeshi Omae Las Vegas (24)
Review Takeshi Omae Las Vegas Meat Beef
Review Takeshi Omae Las Vegas Tempura Ice Cream Dessert

More than anything, OMAE is an experience, an unexpected treat and a meal you’ll talk about for the rest of your life.

2 tables, 1 chef, a strip mall and some of the best food in Las Vegas.


5* for the shear huspah – not to mention utterly delicious and unique Japanese cuisine.

Dinner: Tuesday – Sunday / Three Seating Time – 5:30 pm, 8pm & 10:30pm

Located – 3650 S. Decatur Blvd. #26 Las Vegas, NV 89103.

Review by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 14th October 2015.

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