1* Review Tenors Of Rock Vegas

Review Tenors Of Rock Vegas….In 20 years of reviewing theatre I don’t think I’ve EVER seen a show that has everything wrong – on every single level.Tenors of Rock features the stars of “West End and Broadway” including David Richards, Jimmy Denning, Jonathan Williams, Tommy Sherlock & Dan Schumann.Where do I start?…Listen to this view via YouTube HERE:Formed of five former musical theatre singers, ‘Tenors Of Rock’ from the UK, bring a ‘new sound’ to popular Classic Rock And Pop – it’s called CRAP.These ‘Broadway’ performers (although I’m yet to see evidence) believe that turning up the volume to the point at which you want to cry (and leave) will cover their hideous screamy vocals and most laughable stage in Las Vegas.I’m insulted to have seen this show for free! This level of audience contempt leaves me furious. Here’s the stage curtains (throughout the show)…From the second I walked in to the Sin City Theatre it was blatantly obvious that no-one cares – about anything.The show begins and the five guys try their best – but this is Vegas…think Sinatra, Elvis or even Gaga.The backing track is impressive and well made but it’s deafeningly loud! The guys compete with track and vice versa which results in it feeling like you’re being punched in the head.Imagine Il Divo’s crescendo’s if they couldn’t sing!The result of putting musical theatre singers in a rock show ends in a screaming disaster. It’s vocally appalling at times.Las Vegas is the entertainment capital of the world and I could find 5 friends on Facebook right now who could sing this show better. The sound guy simply must be deaf or seriously ill-advised.Here’s the problem, these guys have a background in showtunes and should stick to it. When they sing with control & discipline – during the rare moments of ballad – they are clearly talented vocalists. When they sing rock it’s laughably hideous.If I didn’t know better I’d say these guys hate each other and are desperately trying to out-sing each other. It’s just an ugly sound and visual.I truly can’t think of one good thing to say about this show. This has only happened twice in 100’s of reviews in Sin City.This official photo was not taken at the Planet Hollywood showroom…Wrong songs. Wrong room. Wrong sound. No set. No lighting. Horrible script. No choreography.After the third group of people left half way through, I made my exit with embarrassment past the company manager. I apologized for the show being so bad.Last week I saw Raiding The Rock Vault at Hard Rock. These shows are incomparable. Rock music on track is a problem, the showroom is hideous for this show but fundamentally the vocals were a disaster. Raiding has all of these factors perfect….added to their cast of true rock legends.The show I saw tonight wouldn’t work at weddings in the UK let alone showrooms or cruise ships. It’s an insult to show business.I’ve never been more embarrassed to be British. “We stand on this stage proud ever night” – you should be ashamed.Next door is Criss Angel – one of the greatest showman in the world. It’s beyond my comprehension why Ceasars would allow this on property let alone charge $50 a ticket.“It took us 6 months to learn Boheimian Rhapsody” – I’ve heard it done better at karaoke. Freddie would be turning in his grave. I wanted to cry.Vegas never ceases to amaze me. This shite and Criss next door – welcome to Caesars Entertainment.Review by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 19th May 2019.

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