Review The Centurion Lounge

Review Centurion Lounges…

It’s rare that I’m impressed the days, but, $50 for access to the Centurion Lounge has to be the biggest bargain in US airport history!

It is relaxed, quiet, dignified, relaxing and offers free Wifi, (alcoholic) drinks & food. What more could you want?

Complimentary for Platinum Card and Centurion Members, this is the ultimate way to avoid the chaos of the airport.

It’s elegant and classy and worth every penny if you’re not a member! I’ll definitely be back…

Find out more about The Centurion Lounge Locations HERE!

Located across the US in Houston, San Francisco, Vegas, Newark, Dallas and Seatle – these are truly some of the best lounges I’ve experienced.

This lounge easily compares to the Virgin Clubhouse & BA Club lounges and without question beats any of the main US carriers that I’ve experienced.

Frankly, they make the ‘First lounge’ at MIA look like a cafeteria.

You won’t go hungry with a full meal available as well as snacks.

Enjoy our HD VIDEO via YouTube HERE:

From magazines to Wifi, from showers to private working areas – you’ve got it all.

There’s a fully stocked bar and generous dinner area. You can enjoy all of the services complimentary.

Dine in decadence with cuisine designed by James Beard Award-winning chef Justin Yu, chef and owner of acclaimed Houston restaurant Oxheart.

Enjoy a cocktail developed by one of the nation’s top mixologists, Jim Meehan, or explore wines handpicked by renowned wine authority Anthony Giglio.

Centurion know their clientele. They offer class & elegance in the perfect environment for business travellers.

Bravo. 5* review.

Review by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 1st June 2017.