Review The Illusionists 2015 Shaftesbury Theatre West End

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Review The Illusionists 2015 Shaftesbury Theatre West End….

The Illusionists brings together 8 of the world leading illusionists, magicians & mentalists in a brash, loud, high energy, fast paced, trick packed extravaganzer.

Perfect for all of the family this Christmas season, this show has charm and wow throughout. There’s nothing ‘new’ but the illusions come thick and fast!

I love when sneary reviewers dismiss these shows as ‘end of pier’. They should remember that the highest paid Star (on the longest contract) in Vegas is a magician – outweighing any other form of art or theatre.

This ain’t Shakespeare – it’s upretentious entertainment for the masses. It deserves to do well for it’s limited run through January 9th at the Shaftesbury Theatre.

3.5* Show with occasional 5* moments.


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Enjoy an Exclusive interview and review with Jamie and Alex Belfield via YouTube:

Standout Stars include the always magnificent Kevin James, the hugely warm and compelling Colin Cloud who drives the entire show.

The most breathtakingly original and seductive Star is card manipulator Den Den who is worth the ticket price himself. A silent genius. What talent. What remarkable discipline and practice!

2015 Britain’s Got Talent Star Jamie Raven headlines the show with ease. His levitation of a young boy is beautiful theatre and I can see why he has mass appeal. Enjoy our EXCLUSIVE interview below.

The Illusionists is a lovely West End night out for all the family this Christmas!

The Illusionists Review 2015 Review

There’s a Live band and percussion which really drives the entire show. Love that.

Let me be clear, The Illusionists does not have the slickness or grandeur of Criss Angel Believe in Vegas, or indeed his stunning touring equivalent The Supernaturalists, however, it has has soul and some technical brilliance in places.

I was less impressed by the dull Ben Blaque, who punctures targets obligingly held by his smiling token assistant. Very strange way to earn a living.

The ‘Houdini Water Torture Cell’ routine is well practiced. In Illusionists it was bravely performed by Andrew Basso who is a true showman. Despite his physical brilliance the illusion struggles to translate in 2015. Nevertheless, it closes the first half to ovation.

Here’s Alex & Jamie at the Shaftesbury Theatre in November 2015:

Alex Belfield Jamie Raven Britain's Got Talent Interview

Overall this is a jolly afternoon or evening out in the theatre. Well worth a trip despite the occasional technical disaster throughout.

At Shaftesbury Theatre, London, until 3 January. Box office: 020-7379 5399.

Review by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 18th November 2015.