4* REVIEW The Miss Behave Gameshow

REVIEW The Miss Behave Gameshow Bally’s…

Wow! That was 70 minutes of my life I’ll never forget…

MISS BEHAVE GAMESHOW is brash, crude, chaotic, high energy, LOL bonkers and VERY LOUD!

This show is perfect for millennials. It moves at 100 MPH and nothing lasts more than a minute. If you’re looking to sit back, have a rest and relax – this is not the show for you!

Hosted by the formidable Miss Behave (comedian Amy Saunders), she drives this show with perfection. Amy clearly has dedicated her life to crowd control.

She’s quite remarkable – incredibly quick and funny. This is not a gig for the faint of heart!

This R18 ad-lib comedy show has cleverly disguised structure. It is deliberately presented cluttered and celebrates its riotous pandemonium and zero budget.

With cue cards on cardboard & sound played in Live by MB’s assistant ‘Tiffany’, you’ll sit amazed and confused with a constant smile on your face at the lunacy of the camp chaos.

This show was born to play Las Vegas! BOOK TICKETS FOR MBG HERE!


Enjoy our exclusive interview with Miss Behave & Tiffany  via YouTube:

Amy Saunders is the alter ego of Miss Behave. She’s a British born producer, performer, comedian, and curator. She is a self-taught sword swallower and is now a global cabaret star.

Miss Behave has starred in the Olivier Award winning ‘La Soiree’ and ‘Absinthe’ in New York.

A world – record holding Sword swallower, her countless TV appearances range from The Tonight Show with Jay Leno to ‘Guinness World Records’.

She was thrown off Britain’s Got Talent for being naughty. At least she got to spank Simon Cowell first!

The Miss Behave Gameshow has been touring around the world in places like Australia, New Zealand and even Hong Kong.

It’s raunchier and steamier than your grandma in her old folks home, and that’s why we love it.

The interactive game show lets you be on your phone the whole time, and that’s how entitled millennials win every show!

For $50, it offers amazing value for money at 8pm in Las Vegas.

The categories are: Dial My Number Quickest, The Laid Lottery, Sit on a Seat and See What Happens and Porn I’ll Admit To (we’re pleading the fifth on this one).

When you’re not competing, you’ll be entertained by variety acts performed by MB’s common law assistant Tiffany.

Definitely worth a camp night out in Vegas @ THE BACK ROOM @ Bally’s.

Review & interview by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 17th May 2018.