3* Review The Naked Magicians MGM Vegas

Review The Naked Magicians MGM Las Vegas…

The Naked Magicians shot to global fame on America’s Got Talent in 2017. In Feb 2019 they opened at the MGM Grand – the most famous hotel in the world!

Starring Mike Tyler and Christopher Wayne, two of Australia’s most famous magicians, they are remarkably charming and clearly polished performers.

However, this is Vegas and naked doesn’t mean full frontal! Equally, this is less magic and more ‘mind reading’ and comedy schtick. The title therefore is a gimmick more than a promise.

These ‘boys next door’ are devilishly charismatic and annoyingly hot & fit. They’ve done nothing for my self-confidence! This show is definitely aimed at bachelorette parties. In fact it is most suited to play the Edinburgh Fringe as a format.

The Brad Garrett Comedy Club atmosphere and setting is ideal for this very intimate & cheeky show. You might even get up close and very personal with the boys if you’re plucked from the crowd!

Listen, if you want a riotous 10pm nob-gag-packed R18 70 minute show filled with crude nonsense, you’ll love The Naked Magicians. If you’re looking for naked men or a magic masterclass….you’ll probably leave disappointed.



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The first problem with ‘The Naked Magicians’ is that the poster claims to “bare all” & offers “full-frontal illusions” at MGM in Las Vegas – this is clever word play but not true.

The boys aren’t ‘naked’ at any point – this is not allowed on the Strip in Sin City (ironically). There’s no cock allowed, so, if this is the reason that you booked to see the boys, you’ll be very disappointed.

There’s no doubting their prowess though having performed over 800 shows in over 250 cities, across 7 countries around the world.

This does restrict the shows obvious potential and frankly their ability to perform! Within 30 minutes they’re topless and by 45 we get ass shots. However, covering your indiscretions and trying to talk, entertain and do magic at the same time is an illusion worth seeing itself.

The second problem for this show (in Vegas especially) is how it will find an audience. Girls want hot guys naked, dancing and sexy – not necessarily doing endless innuendos and mind reading tricks. Guys (mostly) would never go to a show involving naked (male) magicians. So, finding a Vegas audience will be tough with SOOO much competition.

However, as a night out for the girls or gay guys – I’m sure you’ll have a hoot!

There’s no doubting from the off (when the guys walked out in suits) the girls were gagging to see their wands.

The boys are great entertainers – I left wondering what was the point – other than to celebrate their pool ready bods. I’m just old and jealous I guess, and clearly not their desired audience member.

I genuinely wish the boys well. They’re entertaining, comfortable and confident performers. I hope the clickbait title of the show pays off! They’re both talent dudes.

This 21+ R-rated magic show plays Wed – Mon 10pm MGM Grand Las Vegas at the beautiful Brad Garrett Comedy Club.

Review by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 16th Feb 2019.