5* Review The Red Shoes

Review The Red Shoes UK Tour…

The Red Shoes is the most beautiful, powerful & perfect production in UK touring history.

It’s therefore unsurprising that this is one of the best selling, most talked about productions of 2017 and sold out this evening at the glorious Nottingham Theatre Royal.

Rarely does a relatively unknown story sell out months in advance of coming into town. That may well be down to the Sir Matthew Bourne brand – which seemingly never fails.

This remarkably moving, elegant and delicious ballet does not have a single spoken word, however, the lighting, soundtrack and phenomenal dancers say it all.

As impressive as the moves, impeccable staging and design are, this adaptation of an almost 70 year old film feels contemporary, compelling and precise throughout. Utterly invigorating and inspiring.

The set and lighting truly offer a ballet themselves. Highest praise possible for this 5* joy.

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Kudos must go to Ashley Shaw who stole the show as Victoria Page. A mesmerising dancer with incredible natural talent & beauty.

In fact the entire ensemble were faultless!

TRS has sumptuous designs by Lez Brotherston (set and costumes), Paule Constable (lighting) and Paul Groothuis (sound). At times this show had a feel of Cirque Du Soleil at its best with frustratingly brilliant on stage distractions.

This remarkable score arranged by Terry Davies uses the mesmerizing music of golden-age Hollywood composer, Bernard Herrmann. Despite the music not being played live, this may well have been done for a very good reason….

Timing is the backbone of this breathtakingly successful production. Not a the second is wasted. In fact, not even a millisecond can go wrong as the synergy of lighting, sound and movement is so precise.

The 3D sound tonight was the most perfect I’ve ever heard at the Theatre Royal Nottinghamm or anywhere on tour.

This immersive, intoxicating drama is a love story with fateful consequences. The Red Shoes dazzles visually but emotionally captivates throughout.

Act 1 runs to an hour and Act 2 is 40 minutes. This is the perfect production on every single level.

This show sets the bar and puts many other touring productions to shame. It proves with talent, time, dedication (and budget) anything is possible! Bravo.

Broadway standard finally hits the regions!

As far as I’m aware there are no seats left for The Red Shoes. However, if I were you, I’d beg, steal or borrow a ticket to enjoy this magnificent theatrical work of art.

Review by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 7th March 2017.