Review The V Show Ultimate Variety Miracle Mile Las Vegas

Review The V Show Ultimate Variety Miracle Mile Las Vegas….

I was so thrilled to visit David Saxe’s V Theater in the heart of the ‘Miracle Mile’ to re-visit one of the first shows I ever saw in Las Vegas….almost 15 years ago.

Performing nightly at 7pm and 8.30pm, this 70 minute spectacular is the epitome of a Vegas show. It’s fun, funny, breathtaking and brilliant.

Depressingly this is one of the last true variety shows in Las Vegas. V – The Ultimate Variety Show showcases some of the best, craziest, wildest, most beautiful and unqiue ‘spec’ acts from around the world.

Hosted by the utterly charming Wally Eastwood, you’ll be blown away by the comedy, acrobatics, circus and ‘spec’ acts all within this one show.

This is wonderful value for money and 100% the reason why I visit Vegas.

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The V Show Miracle Mile Las Vegas

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Located on the periphery of Planet Hollywood, The V Theater appears to be Live 24 hours a day.

The have my total respect for literally ‘keeping variety alive in Vegas’ with none stop shows from mid-afternoon until late night.

Tonight we saw host Wally beautifully hold together this simple but very special show.

Vegas is founded on amazing talent and tonight we saw it.

Aside from Wally’s ‘nonsense’ and warm-up, this guy is a huge talent.

He is a sensational juggler, wonderful story teller and his act with the ‘piano / balls’ is just genius – only in Vegas would you get such a sensational one-off Star.

This show isn’t about gimmick, huge scenery or ensemble – it’s about unique talents who have dedicated their lives to their craft.

The Skating Aratas are incredible!

The show finished with Louri and Gabor – two supreme athletes who defy gravity and physical endurance.

Clearly, like everyone in this cast, they’ve dedicated their lives to make their act as spectacular and brilliant as possible.

The V Show Review Miracle Mile

The show also featured Tamara Yerofeeva, The Quiddlers & Recycled Percussion who also Star at the Miracle Mile at 7pm.

All three are supremely polished and deserve a stage in Vegas.

I loved this show for two reasons. 1) It’s the backbone of Live entertainment and the only place to showcase these  great talents. 2) It’s wonderful value for money and leaves you elated and thrilled.

So many shows in Vegas are out to take their money and run – here you get what it says on the tin – “The Ultimate Variety Show!

Acts do change daily but I’m sure will be of equal brilliant standard.

5* talent & value for money and effort. 4* show for Las Vegas.

Review by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 12th May 2019.

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