5* REVIEW Thunder From Down Under Cast Interviews

REVIEW Thunder From Down Under Cast Interviews…

Thunder From Down Under is not only a sell out show at Excalibur LAS VEGAS but it’s also got one of the most insane and incredible atmosphere’s in Sin City! It’s quite remarkable.

Unlike some other shows of this ilk who take themselves terribly seriously, TFDU is clearly making fun of itself which is infectious. The crowd love how they tease both comedically and physically.

We had EXCLUSIVE permission to film at the show in 2019 and go back stage and talk to dancers Interviews Alex Biffin & Champtaloup – two incredible humble and nice men for the record!

Don’t miss THUNDER! The boys won’t let you down. This show is a riot. Inspired energy.


Enjoy EXCLUSIVE HD TV VIDEO of the boys at the Exaclibur via YouTube:

This show is a hoot. Packed with hot guys who work the room magnificently, there’s not a bad seat in the house. It’s 360 immersive.

Tonight there was bachelorette parties, mothers day celebrations and even divorce gatherings! All enjoyed in equal measure.

The show is driven by a hugely talented group of charming guys. We went to meet them…

Enjoy an exclusive interview with Alex Biffin via YouTube:

There’s a comedy host who drives the show. This show is interactive btw so if you want to join the boys on stage for all kinds of debauchery, you’re welcome! Equally if you’d rather just watch, that’s no problem at all!

Thunder From Down Under has high energy, huge muscles and for those wondering – no you don’t & no you can’t! Las Vegas isn’t as sinful as they’d make you believe – full nudity is banned – but they go as far as they possibly can!

Enjoy an exclusive interview with Alex Champtloup via YouTube:

Like life, the tease & anticipation is often far more exciting than reality! THUNDER have masted this.

There’s great lighting and LOUD sound to make this the perfect party for a girls night out.

Shows at 7pm, 9pm and 11pm on Friday’s and Saturday’s. There’s 9pm shows the rest of the week.

Interviews by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 13th May 2019.