4* REVIEW Titanic The Musical UK Tour

REVIEW Titanic The Musical UK Tour

Finally, the highly anticipated Broadway musical TITANIC is touring the UK! After various incarnations, Peter Stone’s book brings this timeless & tragic story back to life in an immersive & compelling way.

TITANIC made her fatal transatlantic journey back in 1912 but some almost twelve decades later people are still as captivated & excited by this unbelievable story as ever.

Designer David Woodhead has done a classy job of staging this production via an incredibly simple and uncluttered two-tier set. With an immersive feel, the cast regularly use the stalls to enter/exit the stage.

Although being 30 minutes too long in Act 1 – this is without question a beautifully performed production.


Enjoy our exclusive HD Video review via YouTube:

Evocative lighting by Howard Hudson delivers the eerie mood throughout. The impressive, imposing & beautifully rich sounding seven-piece band beautifully illustrate this haunting production….mostly sung through.

Maury Yeston’s powerful & moving score is brought to life by a glorious ensemble & cast who without question save what could a visually uninspiring show. At times the incredibly wordy lyrics become a little draining and repetitive.

Regardless, the pure talent of the cast leaves you devastated by the end of this play. This makes Les Mis feel like a Disney film! I guess we knew that – the clue was in the title lol.

Seeing the show tonight in the sensational Nottingham Theatre Royal was a thrill. BOOK TICKETS HERE until Saturday.

Unlike so much crap on the road in 2018 charging big money for little reward, this show offers something new, inventive and emotionally compelling.

We love the story, but, TITANIC THE MUSICAL gives this tale a new heart above and beyond any of its predecessors on stage.

Some of the musical moments are magical with vocals & arrangements of equal standard to classics like Phantom. This show is certainly ‘old-school’ and plays to its strengths of the score and cast.

This is a classy night of theatre…so rare in 2018.

The company includes veterans of the show including Greg Castiglioni, Phil Rham and Simon Green and Niall Sheehy as the stoker Barrett, and Victoria Serra, Claire Machin and Claire Marlowe as passengers, bringing full voice and powerful characterisations. Newcomers include Kieran Brown as second-in-command Murdoch and Lewis Cornay as a band singer and bellboy.

The tour continues through August 19th. Worth a visit.

Review by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 2nd July 2018.

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