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Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Review Tommy Wind Magic Las Vegas….

Tommy Wind performs nightly at his own theatre combining his love of Magic and Music in a truly unique show – like I’ve never seen before in Sin City!

His opening video tells us he won “Magician of the Millennium” and has appeared around the world on TV & stage – blimey this should be great!

You can see from the second the show attempts to open that Tommy feels he was born to be a performer. “We haven’t got batteries in the mic” we hear through the PA. Not exactly a jaw-dropper but certainly a unique way to start your show.

He tells stories of his childhood dreams and that he has made them come true through hard work, tenacity and determination.

Sadly however the show does not cut it in Las Vegas. The night I saw the show (with an intimate 20 person audience), the show was a mess. In fact a theatrical disaster of ‘The Producers’ proportions.

His onstage anger & frustration at his Father during the ‘drum duet’ left me speechless, confused and wondering if I was being filmed for a prank on Candid Camera. If I missed the joke & irony I apologise….

I hate slamming shows but unfortunately, and for whatever reason, the show I saw in October 2015 started 20 minutes late and was a relentless car crash of technical mishaps, mis-cues & confusion from beginning to end.

From wrong curtain cues to lighting and sound disasters (yes he put batteries in the mic half way through the show) – it was as if this was opening night without a dress rehearsal.

It was hysterical, compelling and addictive – but sadly for all the wrong reasons.

This show does have heart in-between Tommy fighting his clearly inept tech guys and stage hands “why are you looking around the curtain? It’s the same show you saw last night” he quipped at a peeping Tom stage right. Really?

Unfortunately with Copperfield next door and Criss Angel – the quickest and most polished magic show in the world – seconds down the strip, Tommy needs to scrub up to compete in this cluttered magical market….unless he wants to become a laughably pitiful parody of a 2015 illusionist.

I’ll leave it there. This show genuinely left me incredibly sad. I feel bad.


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Show description from his website:

Also featured in this one hour production are daring escapes, hilarious comedy routines, beautiful dancers that appear and vanish in the blink of an eye, and Tommy’s family members make a guest appearance having had a long history in family entertainment.

Whether Tommy is showcasing his ability to play a multitude of instruments or performing some mind-blowing sleight of hand magic, this show has something for everyone! Magic, Music, Martial Arts, Mentalism…Tommy Wind is ENTERTAINMENT!

Review by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 12th October 2015.

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