4* REVIEW Totally Outrageous Brunch SLS

REVIEW Totally Outrageous Brunch SLS…

An outrageous brunch at 1pm in Las Vegas? Ermmm – OK, I’ve got to go.

Located at the cool but little known SLS Casino down from Circus Circus in Vegas, there’s a gem of a show which deserves huge praise and success!

The Totally Outrageous Brunch is the creation of Michael Airington who hosts the show as Ester Goldberg.

This show has 5* talent throughout led by the sensational and stunning Anne Martinez. I’ve been doing this job 20 years – she’s at the top of her game. A remarkable singer, dancer and the epitome of a Vegas Star.

There’s a few issues with this R18 show & price, however, this is one of the most exciting and brilliants gems of 2019!

Think amazing but funny Cirque Du Soleil without all the time wasting, distraction & drama.

Find out why this show has 5* talent but a 4* review. Click the video below…

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Esther is Dame Edna & Joan Rivers’ love child. A warm and instantly lovable, yet brutally cutting comic creation. Arlington has mastered this art and looks perfectly at ease.

The ‘show’ begins with a brunch which is exceptional quality and delicious. There’s a small offering of choices, but it’s great quality and beautifully presented fayre.

OK, there’s a few problems with this production. No-one (outside of Vegas) has heard of SLS, this show is brand new, it’s unnecessarily R18 & it’s $100 a ticket.

Firstly, the pricing is off. It isn’t worth the money my guest was charged at the box office today – what show would be at 11am on a Saturday in Vegas? You can however get seats for $50 @ Vegas.com (below) which is definitely worth the price.

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For me this is a must see show for the talent, however, because of the language and content some won’t like it and like today, some may walk out. That’s a travesty of the brilliance of the cast.

Do see it though! You’ll enjoy the incredible food, spec acts and comedy more than the shock!

Review by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 19th May 2019