Review UK Tour Mamma Mia 2016

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Review UK Tour Mamma Mia 2016…..

Mamma Mia! is the highest grossing, most popular & successful musical on stage and screen EVER.

Mamma Mia is basically a mindless, uplifting, 70’s party. It’s feel good fun and god do we need that in 2015!

In true Broadway song-book style, this show tenuously links the various ABBA hits through the story of a young girl searching for her father – she ends up with three!

Her mother (Donna) was quite a character in her day. She’s been around the houses and stayed in most of them. Mum and her 2 best friends, ‘The Dynamo’s’ unquestionably steal the show.

In 2016 you can see MM in Bristol, Manchester, Birmingham & Nottingham.

MAMMA MIA! Musical Londo MAMMA MIA! Musical Londo MAMMA MIA! Musical Londo

This musical is camp, uplifting, funny, silly and overall hugely entertaining. If you’re wanting Shakespeare or Pinter – move along, this ain’t for you!

The musical includes all of ABBA’s biggest hits including “Super Trouper”, “Lay All Your Love on Me”, “Dancing Queen”, “Knowing Me, Knowing You”, “Take a Chance on Me”, “Thank You for the Music”, “Money, Money, Money”, “The Winner Takes It All”, “Voulez Vous”, “SOS” and the title track.

Mamma Mia International Tour Review

If you want a heart warming story (and the best encore in the West End) – Mamma Mia will blow your mind!

The set itself if incredibly uninspiring and simple. Maybe that’s part of this shows success. It’s uncomplicated and uncluttered.

The lighting is effective and the costumes are tight and spandex-y as you would hope.

MAMMA MIA! Musical Londo Mamma Mia ABBA Musical Review UK Tour Mamma Mia Review

I flew to Broadway instead where they were delighted for me to talk to the Dynamo’s….

Enjoy an Exclusive interview with the ‘Dynamo’s’ – Judy McLane (Donna), Felicia Finley (Tanya) & Lauren Cohn / Coco (Rosie) recorded on Broadway:

Over 54 million people have seen the show, which has grossed $2 billion worldwide since its 1999 debut.

A film adaptation starring Meryl Streep, Colin Firth & Pierce Brosnan is the most watched musical film of all time.


Recorded by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio August 6th 2015.