Review UK Tour The Curious Incident…

Review UK Tour The Curious Incident Of The Dog….

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time is one of the most original, compelling and visually inspiring plays in British theatrical history.

It uses the ‘old fashioned’ principles of an amazing story – with 2017 staging, scenery, technology, music, lighting and choreography culminating in a hugely memorable 2.5 hours of meaningful entertainment.

This production won 7 Olivier Awards including Best Play in 2013.

This 5* imaginative play tells the story of an autistic boy who has two life changing ‘incidents’.

This is a moving story of love, betrayal & personal triumph which is nothing short of inspired and inspiring.

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Enjoy our EXCLUSIVE audio / visual review via YouTube:

Mark Haddon’s story has become a classic, loved by generations for it’s captivating portrayal of a complicated but endearing young boy.

Scott Reid took the lead of Christopher tonight at the glorious Nottingham Theatre Royal and masterfully owned the stage with this exhaustingly brilliant, polished & physically inspiring performance.

Nods also to Lucianne McEvoy, David Michaels & Emma Beattie who also shone as Siobhan, Ed & Judy respectively.

The play explores the reality and challenges of living with Asperger Syndrome – a severe form of autism. Although blessed with mathematical genius, Chris finds simple human communication almost impossible.

This play celebrates the qualities of an Asperger’s child and certainly doesn’t make fun or mockery of Christopher’s behaviour…no mater how extreme or bizarre.

The staging of this production is some of the most sophisticated and complicated in the world.

You cannot fail to marvel at the complexity of the script matched with the lighting, sound and set – it is astonishing in places.

This show has true heart and is on the same scale as the West End.

They’ve mastered the art of tension, passion and drama measured with humour for light relief. Some of this show is truly hysterical….other parts are devastating.


To find a play in the West End, on Broadway let alone on tour in regional theatre that is this new, innovative, exciting and thrilling is incredibly rare.

TCIOTDITNT ticks all of the boxes and is a 5* theatrical masterpiece.

Curious Incident continues in the West End and on tour in the USA and UK.

5* Review by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio recorded 4th April 2017.