Review VIP Lounge Alicante Airport

Review VIP Lounge Alicante Airport…

The SALA ‘VIP’ lounge at Alicante Airport is the least classy private lounge I’ve visited anywhere in the world.

The appalling food even beats Miami International which is saying something!

They’re trying their best, but sadly, it’s just not good enough for 30 Euros per head.

I visited for 1.5 hours on a Saturday night in March and the lounge was very busy. Sadly the food (that was left) looked disgusting.

In fairness, the room is private & classy, there’s is unlimited food and drink and excellent WIFI.

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This lounge isn’t all bad. The space is relaxed, spacious and elegant with several areas for meetings etc.

The service and staff are very attentive. They do offer as much food and drink as you need.

Sadly the food just lets this lounge down. The food is average to appalling.

The bread of the sandwiches was just not acceptable for nearly £30 per person.

You can help yourself to free high speed WIFI.

There’s Spanish newspapers and magazines and huge boarding information.

You can use the computers and Ipads in the lounge.


There’s plugs through the lounge but not at every table.

You’ll find USB sockets and European plugs.

The seating in fairness is very relaxing.


To be clear, this lounge isn’t horrible but it’s just very expensive compared to other airport lounges, mostly charging £20.

If you use the word ‘VIP’ in your title – you have to deliver. The food is verging on terrible.

The lounge itself is actually lovely and the service is excellent.

Review by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 3rd March 2018.