Review Virgin Atlantic Premium Economy

Review Virgin Atlantic Premium Economy…

OK, lets be clear – Premier Economy on Virgin Atlantic is simply offering a wider seat with more leg room. If you’re looking for a ‘VIP’ experience, this is not for you.

For the first time in 10 years I didn’t fly Upper returning from Las Vegas. I was offered a free Prem ticket to try the cabin – so why not.

Upper offers an infinite number of blessings that make your transit & journey a joy. Prem simply offers more comfort with a wider seat and more legroom. Nothing wrong with that!

I don’t believe the food is any better standard than economy and the service is identical, but, if you’re my size – a few more inches can make all the difference.

For me though, it was a nice try, but once you’ve had a flat bed – there’s no going back…


Enjoy our HD Video Review via YouTube:

Virgin Atlantic only offers 3 cabins – Economy, Premier Economy & Upper unlike BA who have 4.

Because of this there is a massive difference between Prem & Upper with less of a gap between Economy & Prem.

Basically, in Prem you’re getting half a seat extra in front and at the side. This may not seem much but boy, they pack them in in the rear!

All pics were taking on GTW to Las Vegas 747-400…

What you do get in Premier Economy is an impressive TV system with games and movies with headphones supplied.

You also get power for your laptop (although mine was broke) and most impressive of all, a USB plug for your IPhone in the back of every seat. Essential in 2017.

On the 747 it is 2 / 4 / 2 seats in Prem whereas in economy is 3 / 5 / 3 – a huge difference.

You do not get an amenity pack on the way out, but you do overnight on the way back including pen, toothbrush, eye mask and ear plugs.

The food was frankly disappointing & bland, but, in Premier Economy the only deciding factor is cost against the extra leg room – nothing else.

A few more inches can make a world of difference! (Fill in the gag yourself).

There is Wifi on board for just £14.99 for the entire flight. It was a little flaky but that’s still amazing value really if it works.

Prices change dramatically based on availability so check. Always book with Virgin directly, not 3rd party sites, as if you need to make changes, or if anything goes wrong – it is exceptionally complicated.

Flying to the US you get a decent meal (chicken or fish usually) followed by a snack and afternoon tea (pic above) served before landing.

Returning overnight you get a meal and a basic breakfast before landing…


Flying Premier Economy is a very nice experience, however, if you can get a great deal or use miles always aim for Upper.

Prem will give you more space, but little else.

Review by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 10th October 2017.