Review VIVA Blackpool

Review VIVA Blackpool…

Blackpool is the entertainment capital of the UK and deserves the premier cabaret club in Britain. Well, I think they may well have it!

VIVA BLACKPOOL has the heart of variety, the spirit of better times in showbiz and was packed tonight recapturing the priceless traditional British cabaret & variety.

VIVA has a diner, 3 different sized cabarets rooms and some of the most famous, talented & exciting acts appearing throughout the year.

This really has become a palace of show business. The energy in the room was inspiring by 11pm.

Offering over 3.5 hours of Live entertainment & a full night out – this is without question 5* value for money in Blackpool.

There’s weekly cabaret starring Leye D Johns who proves he’s every inch the epitome of a variety star. The show is part panto, part variety & often just camp old nonsense – collectively it’s glorious!

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From Joe Pasquale, Joe Longthorne, Peter Andre, Chubby Brown, Jim Davidson, Cannon & Ball to Brian Conley – they all love to play VIVA.

At a time when clubs are shutting across the UK – VIVA is thriving!

It’s classic cabaret and it’s VERY loud!

With tickets from £10, every weekend VIVA offers cabaret starring Leye D Johns showcasing his brilliantly confident and camp comedy as well as some fantastic lead vocalists, spec acts & dancers.


Don’t miss the VEGAS DINER, BAR & GRILLE next door before the show.

The food is great value and the atmosphere is intoxicating.

It’s loud and brash like the cabaret. You’ll have a hoot!

There’s steaks, chicken, fish, fantastic burgers and salads…


The cabaret includes stand-up from Leye, comedy bits and various musical medleys.

Tonight there was Les Miserables, Dream Girls, Hairspray & a delicious dance / FAME segment.

The show speeds along and is perfectly produced for a cabaret club. There’s music throughout pitched perfectly for the audience who clearly were just thrilled to be entertained.

The lights, costumes & sound impress. There are much worse touring musicals playing big theatres right now charging £40+ a ticket! They could learn a lot from Viva’s ethic.

Leye & Martin created VIVA for 5 years and they’ve fought tirelessly to make it work.

They should be very proud of what they’ve achieved.

VIVA is a gem. If you’re visiting Blackpool, go and pay Leye & the team a visit.

Review by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 20th October 2017.