5* Review Walking With Dinosaurs Tour

REVIEW Walking With Dinosaurs Tour…

Walking with Dinosaurs is a $20 million production that has been performed in over 250 cities worldwide. It’s a masterclass in Live entertainment for all ages.

Superbly edited and scripted – this is a visual spectacular. The scale and immersive brilliance of this show is incredible.

Having been seen by over 9 million people, WWD popularity seems infinite. Of course, the topic is timeless. The show is on an extraordinary scale with a team of 3 people operating each ludicrously enormous dinosaur.

Weighing about 1.6 tons each, even the biggest theatrical cynic couldn’t criticise the magnitude of this immersive and beautifully staged production.

With 21 trucks to move the show around the world, this is a landmark piece of theatre that deserves its global success! A 5* night out for the entire family.



Enjoy our exclusive audio / video HD review via YouTube:

Michaela Strachan hosts this show as the palaeontologist character, Huxley. She’s the only human on stage as Walking with Dinosaurs The Arena Spectacular whisks the audience through 200 million years of history in less than two hours.

Michaela is a star and pro. Her delivery, tone, energy and performance was faultless. She couldn’t have been better cast.

There’s no question though, that despite being a brilliant host, story and crafted script – the children and grow-up’s alike are only interested in seeing the most life-like re-imaginings of dinosaurs in global history. They’re extraordinary.

The audience are literally left speechless by the epic scale, enormity & brilliance of the Stegosaurus, Raptors, and the Tyrannosaurus-rex. This show is truly phenomenal in places.

It’s also witty and isn’t scared to let the show ‘sink in’ leaving the audience time to simply watch the brilliance of these 360 works of art.

Here’s Walking With Dinosaurs @ Nottingham Arena in Aug 2018:


This show is theatrically brilliant & educational without being patronizing or boring and has beautiful lighting and remarkable music/sound throughout.

It may be intimidating to very young children purely because of the scale of the dinosaurs but I would say over 5’s will simply be captivated – as were my gang who loved every second. Incredible.

The 7pm is down by 8.50pm so it’s not a late or inconvenient night for the kids. 2 x 45 minutes is enough – and never gets boring.

Don’t miss WALKING WITH DINOSAURS. This is a theatrical masterpiece.

Review by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 4th August 2018.