Review WOW Rio Las Vegas

Review WOW Rio Las Vegas

The production “WOW” performs twice nightly at Rio Las Vegas.

It’s a beautifully produced show but sadly felt to me like a children’s show at Disney. Similar to ‘the Cirque’ style mixing water, spec acts and ‘clowns’ – it just didn’t feel like it could compete for adults in Sin City.

Where this show does succeed is the 3D-multi-media projections which are fantastic. It looks beautiful.

There’s great theatrical lighting and an impressive water stage. In the shows defence, the producers have spent a ton of cash.

The show is performed in the round and is very immersive for the audience.

In summary this is a 2* show for adults, a 4* show for a family night out and possibly a 5* show for 5-10 year old kids.



The Rio Casino tell us:

So you’ll be right up against the stage to see the stunts up-close-and-personal when the cast comes out to show off their moves. Your heart will stop every time you see them fly into the air and stick flawless landings.

So, to make sure your jaw isn’t stuck to the floor after this 90-minute production, we’ll be sure to hand out mouth-closing contraptions before the show. We’re just trying to look out for your best interest.

Review by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 30th May 2018.