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Review Xavier Mortimer Magical Dream Bally’s…

We were thrilled to visit ‘Magical Dream’ by Xavier Mortimer at Bally’s Window’s Showroom tonight. Xavier is a classy, talented, unique and brilliant performer.

Las Vegas has long been the magic capital of the world. It takes a daring, fresh and fearless performer to throw their hat into the mix – and that’s exactly what French export Xavier Mortimer is doing.

After gracing stages in more than 30 countries and most recently starring in Cirque du Soleil’s acclaimed show Michael Jackson One, Mortimer marks the first Cirque performer to launch a headlining residency on the Las Vegas Strip.

The show – Xavier Mortimer’s Magical Dream – is unlike any other in Las Vegas. Audiences enter the showroom only to find themselves immediately transported into Mortimer’s dream world.

He’s a one-off, unique and offers a completely different type of magic show for Las Vegas.

Watch our HDTV review below and find out why we think this show is definitely worth a visit…

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Along with his unconventional cast of characters, Mortimer takes the audience on an adventure they won’t soon forget. Spectators will be amazed by how the magic poetically unfolds through more than 14 acts in this wild dream.

With the wonder of Mary Poppins, the theatrics of Charlie Chaplin, and an array of talents unique to Mortimer himself, this all-ages production transcends what you thought you knew about entertainment.

At once funny, daring, inspirational and immersive, Xavier Mortimer’s Magical Dream is the key that opens the door to a hidden world of magic you never knew you were missing.

Review by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 1st May 2019.