Ria Jones Sunset Boulevard Interview 2017 UK Tour

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Ria Jones Sunset Boulevard Interview….

Ria Jones is one of the most loved, respected and talented women in British Show Business.

She’s a belter with an incredible 5* voice! Seriously remarkable.

From Joseph, Evita, Chess, Cats, Les Mis, 42 Street to solo concerts – she’s done it ALL!

Next, Ria will take to the stage in the UK tour of Sunset Boulevard opening in Leicester in September. BOOK TICKETS HERE!

Glenn Close was under-studied by Ria in London and she frankly stole the show! With a 12 minute standing ovation. Sensational. Watch here!

This lady is the epitome of a Broadway Star & leading lady and will lead the Sunset company superbly around the UK.

Find out more about Ria HERE!

Enjoy an Exclusive interview with Ria & Alex via YouTube:

Sunset Boulevard Tour dates:

Opening at Curve, Leicester on 16 September 2017

Edinburgh (3 to 7 October), Newcastle (9 to 14 October)
Manchester (23 October to 4 November)
Aberdeen (6 to 11 November)
Birmingham (13 to 28 November)
Dublin (20 to 25 November)
Milton Keynes (28 November to 2 December)
Bristol (9 to 13 January 2018)
Southampton (16 to 20 January 2018)
Woking (22 to 27 January 2018)
Southend (29 January to 3 February 2018)
Bradford (5 to 10 February 2018)

Interview by Alex Belfield by Celebrity Radio 21st March 2017.