Richard & Adam BGT Interview Life Story

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Richard & Adam BGT Interview Life Story…

Richard and Adam Johnson, from South Wales, shot to fame on Britain’s Got Talent.

Their debut album The Impossible Dream topped the UK Albums Chart and spent four consecutive weeks at number one, making it the longest-running number-one album of 2013 in the UK.

Richard & Adam have magnificent tenor voices and blend perfectly to create stunning harmonies and synergy on stage.

Their new album ‘At The Movies’ is out August 2014.

BGT Brothers Richard & Adam 2016 New Album Believe Interview Richard & Adam Believe 2016 New Album Tour Interview Richard Adam BGT Interview New album tour 2016

Enjoy an Exclusive in-depth life story interview with Richard And Adam with Alex Belfield recorded Aug 2014:

Before hitting the top of the charts via BGT, they performed on Cruise Ships and even on ITV’s Loose Women as ‘The Brothers Johnson’.

The boys stole the hearts of the UK with their audition of ‘Somewhere’ & later wowing crowds with ‘Impossible Dream’ in the final.

Here’s Alex Belfield with the boys in London August 2014:

Richard & Adam 2016 Believe New Album Interview Alex Belfield

Unfortunately….or maybe fortunately for the boys, they were part of one of the biggest storms when a girl from the orchestra interrupted their final performance with the world famous ‘Simon egg throwing incident’.

Despite the unforgivable interruption, the boys carried on and this has become their most viewed clip on YouTube with nearly 3 million hits.

13 million people tuned into ITV for the final.

Richard & Adam’s new album ‘At The Movies’ is out August 11th with tracks including Can you feel the love tonight, Kiss from a rose, Goldfinger, Moon River & Without You.

Review by Alex Belfield recorded August 2014 for Celebrity Radio