Richard Hadfield Intz Leaving Collabro

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Richard Hadfield EXCLUSIVE Interview Leaving Collabro…

Collabro star Richard Hadfield tells Celebrity Radio EXCLUSIVELY why he left the band and what is next in his exciting solo career!

Listen to Richards NEW SOLO WORK HERE!

Richard has lost two-and-a-half stone as part of a dramatic makeover while he plots his next career move.

Richard dramatically quit Collabro seconds after they performed on the live BGT final in June 2016.

He’s since revealed how pressure in the band forced him to leave….but why? This is his most in-depth, detailed and honest interview EVER!

30 minutes of the truth behind the Collabro split….

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Collabro Richard Hadfield leaves group interview Richard Hadfield Leaves Collabro Richard Hadfield Interview

Enjoy an Exclusive interview with Richard and Alex Belfield via YouTube:

Find out Richard’s plans for the future. New album? Strictly? Tour?

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Interview recorded 8th June 2016 by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio.