Richard O’Brien Life Story Interview

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Richard O’Brien Life Story Interview….

Richard is the genius behind international mega-hit ‘The Rocky Horror Show!”

O’Brien also starred as the host of the cult hit ‘Crystal Maze’ on Channel 4 for many years. You can still see it on Challenge TV.

Richard has a massive personality, amazing sense of humour and is the perfect radio guest!

Richard O'Brien Life Story Interview Alex Belfield Richard O'Brien Interview

Hear a rare exclusive interview with Belfield and O’Brien:

Here’s Alex & Richard at the BBC:

Interview Rocky Horror Show Richard O'Brien Alex Belfield Celebrity Radio

Richard O’Brien, is a British-New Zealand writer, actor, television presenter and theatre performer. He is best known for writing the cult musical The Rocky Horror Show and for his role in presenting the popular TV show The Crystal Maze.

In addition to writing The Rocky Horror Show, O’Brien also co-wrote the screenplay of the 1975 film adaptation The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and appeared in the film as the character Riff Raff.

The stage show has been in almost continuous production and the cinematic version, which has been in continuous release, is one of the best known and most ardently followed cult films of all time.

He is also the voice of Lawrence Fletcher, the title characters’ father in Phineas and Ferb.

Recorded 2010 by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio and BBC.