Robert Kiyosaki Net Worth

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Robert Kiyosaki Net Worth

Robert Kiyosaki -Japanese-American entrepreneur and businessman. Born on April 8, 1947, in Hilo, Territory of Hawaii, United States, Kiyosaki has carved a niche for himself as an American entrepreneur, businessman, and most notably, as the author of the best-selling book “Rich Dad Poor Dad.” Over the years, he has become a prominent personal finance and investment figure, offering advice through various platforms, including books, seminars, and online courses. Beyond his bestselling book, Kiyosaki has delved into multiple business ventures and investments, making him a symbol of financial success for many. In this article, we will explore the net worth of Robert Kiyosaki and take a closer look at his journey to economic prosperity.

What is the Net Worth of Robert Kiyosaki?

As of 2023, Robert Kiyosaki’s net worth is estimated to be around $110 million, a testament to his successful career and diverse income streams. Robert Kiyosaki’s net worth has steadily increased, from an estimated $60 million in 2018 to $110 million in 2023. This substantial growth can be attributed to various factors, including expanding his businesses, increased book sales, and successful investments.

Several factors have contributed to the increase in Kiyosaki’s net worth. The continued success of his Rich Dad Company and Rich Global LLC has played a significant role, as has the enduring popularity of his book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” and its subsequent titles. His seminars and educational programs have also garnered worldwide attention, adding another revenue stream. Investments in various sectors have also contributed to his financial growth, although the specifics are not publicly disclosed.

Robert Kiyosaki Net worth

Robert Kiyosaki Net Worth 2023$110
Robert Kiyosaki  Net Worth 2022$100
Robert Kiyosaki Net Worth 2021$90
Robert Kiyosaki  Net Worth 2020$80

Robert Kiyosaki Income Sources

Rich Dad Company and Rich Global LLC

One of the cornerstone achievements of Robert Kiyosaki’s career is the establishment of Rich Global LLC and the Rich Dad Company. These organisations have been instrumental in shaping his financial empire. Rich Dad Company, in particular, focuses on providing personal finance and business education through various mediums, such as books, videos, and seminars. Rich Global LLC is another avenue for Kiyosaki to extend his financial teachings and business ventures. These companies have contributed significantly to his net worth and allowed him to reach a global audience.

Seminars and Educational Programs

Another significant source of income for Kiyosaki comes from the seminars and educational programs he conducts. These seminars are famous worldwide and attract millions of followers. While some of these seminars are organised by individuals not directly associated with his companies, they still use his company’s name, thereby adding to his brand value and income. The seminars often cover various topics, from personal finance to investment strategies, providing valuable insights to attendees and adding another revenue stream for Kiyosaki.

Biography of Robert Kiyosaki

Robert Toru Kiyosaki was born in Hilo, Territory of Hawaii, United States, on April 8, 1947. He was raised in Hawaii and is the oldest of four siblings. Coming from a Yonsei generation of Japanese Americans, Kiyosaki grew up in a household where education and hard work were highly valued. His father was an academic educator, and his mother was a nurse who instilled in him the importance of education and ethical living.

Kiyosaki’s educational journey began at Hilo High School in Hawaii. After completing high school, he moved to New York to attend the Merchant Marine Academy, earning a bachelor’s degree in Science. Kiyosaki also briefly attended the University of Hawaii at Hilo for his MBA but decided to drop out. His educational background laid the foundation for his future endeavours, equipping him with the skills and knowledge that would prove invaluable in his career.

After graduating from the Merchant Marine Academy, Kiyosaki served as a deck officer and became a 2nd Lieutenant in the U.S. Naval Marine Corps. His military service included a stint in the Vietnam War, where he served as a helicopter gunship pilot and earned a medal for his role. This military service period shaped his character and exposed him to leadership and decision-making experiences that would later influence his business ventures.

Kiyosaki took his first steps into the business world after his military service. Inspired by EST Seminars in 1974, he founded his first company, Rippers, in 1977. Although the company eventually went bankrupt, it began Kiyosaki’s entrepreneurial journey. Undeterred by early setbacks, he continued to explore various business opportunities, setting the stage for the immense success he would achieve later in life.

Robert Kiyosaki Quick Facts Table

Date of Birth 08 April 1947
Age 76 years
Place of birthHilo, Territory of Hawaii, United States
Spouse N/A
ProfessionAmerican entrepreneur
SiblingsBeth Kiyosaki, Jon Kiyosaki, Emi Kiyosaki
Kids N/A

Robert Kiyosaki Assets and Lifestyle

Properties Owned

Kiyosaki owns several properties in prime locations, including Los Angeles, Hawaii, and Florida. These real estate investments add to his net worth and reflect his understanding of the value of tangible assets.

Car Collection

When it comes to lifestyle, Kiyosaki enjoys the finer things in life, as evidenced by his car collection. He owns a range of luxury cars, including a Ferrari, Mercedes, and Bentley Continental GT.

Monthly and Yearly Income Estimates

As of 2023, Robert Kiyosaki’s estimated monthly income exceeds $1 million, with an annual salary estimated at over $10 million. These figures are based on various income streams, including book royalties, seminar earnings, and business revenues.


Q1.What is Robert Kiyosaki’s net worth as of 2023?

As of 2023, Robert Kiyosaki’s estimated net worth is around $110 million.

Q2.How did Robert Kiyosaki earn his wealth?

Robert Kiyosaki earned wealth through business ventures, book sales, seminars, and investments. He founded Rich Global LLC and the Rich Dad Company, which provide personal finance and business education. His best-selling book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” has also significantly contributed to his income.

Q3.What is his monthly and yearly income?

As of 2023, Robert Kiyosaki’s estimated monthly income is over $1 million, and his estimated annual salary is over $10 million.

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