Ronnie Corbett Retires From Show Business ~ Exclusive 40 Minute Interview

Ronnie Corbett is the shorter half of The Two Ronnies. Enjoy his Exclusive Life Story.

This legendary series broadcast on both ITV & the BBC which ran from 1971 to 1987.

It was reported that Ronnie is retiring from TV after a period of ill health.

They were invited by David Frost to appear in his new show, The Frost Report, with John Cleese and the show took off immediately and became one of the most loved & memorable by the nation.

Ronnie Corbett - The Two Ronnies - Exclusive BBC Interview & Life Story Ronnie Corbett The Two Ronnies Interview with Alex Belfield Interview Ronnie Corbett Exclusive Life Story Two Ronnies

This genius comedy duo of Ronnie Corbett & Barker wrote and performed some of the greatest comedy sketches EVER!

These includes ‘The Pub’, ‘Opticians’ & ‘Four Candles / Fork Handles’ & the brilliant ‘Mastermind’ sketches.

In the late 90’s they were celebrated in the BBC series ‘Two Ronnies Sketchbook’ and in 2013 Sky Gold have a new show featuring more material from the BBC & LWT called ‘ The Two Ronnies Spectacle’.

Enjoy a rare, in-depth, moving and Exclusive 40 minute interview with Ronnie Corbett……

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Part 2:

Part 3:

Full 40 Minute Interview….

Here’s Alex & Ronnie….

Ronnie Corbett The Two Ronnies Interview with Alex Belfield

Interview recorded by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio.